About Pantera Press

About Pantera Press

Pantera Press is a boutique Australian book publisher with big differences.

Some great businesses have started in home garages: think Disney, Amazon and Google. Pantera Press sprang to life around the story-loving Green family’s kitchen table, because their garage was full.

We view the so-called ‘slush pile’ of Australian unsolicited manuscripts differently. To us, it’s a valuable resource - an underexplored diamond mine. When we started, we felt that if everyone’s supposed ‘to have a book in them’, Australia must be bursting with 22 million stories, many of them gems waiting to be discovered, polished and set for readers to enjoy! As well as publishing great stories, we aim to contribute to the wider community, hence our unique ‘good books doing good things’ approach.

Pantera Press has grown so fast since our start that we’ve had to quit the kitchen table for a real office, but at least our board table sports a ping pong net. Having released our first titles in 2010 (in print and in e-books), we were short-listed in 2013 and 2014 for the Australian Book Industry’s Small Publisher of the Year Award and shortlisted in 2015 for the ABIA Innovation Award and Small Publisher Adult Book of the Year Award. We’ve been developing a stable of talented new authors writing gripping tales and getting rave reviews, and assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals from some of the biggest names in publishing, including editors, designers and our distribution partners at Bloomsbury.

Our passion is publishing books readers rave about by discovering and nurturing talented new authors, and fostering debate. And our good books doing good thingsTM program, which is part of the Pantera Press Foundation, gives us a strong 'profits for philanthropy' foundation.

About Our Team

Alison – CEO & Co-founder


Alison is the visionary and the force behind Pantera Press. On that fateful day in 2008, Alison saw a shared bond with her father John, and realised that if she could bear his sense of humour, they could create something very special combining their passions for stories, business and philanthropy.

Ali is also a director of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre, sits on the Australian Publishers Association Trade Committee, the Australian Publishers Association’s Independent Publishers Committee and the SJWF Writers' Festival Committee, is very active in Philanthropy Australia's New Gen Program and is as unrelenting in pursuing our philanthropic aims as our business goals. 

Besides struggling with a SodaStream addiction and forcing ping pong tournaments onto the team before every meeting (it's an agenda item), Ali often wonders if the Hokey Pokey is really what it's all about.

John – Co-founder & Author


Leaving behind a world of pin-striped suits and spreadsheets, first in law and later in finance, John discovered in his daughter Alison a kindred spirit. What John brought to the kitchen table was publishing experience, as a former director of UNSW Press, plus decades of wider business acumen, and lots of sushi.

He’s easy to spot in a crowd – look for the guy with the snappy fedora and fluoro socks.

John also sits on the governing Council of the National Library of Australia and on the boards of some listed companies.

There’s no doubt, too, that John can pen a cracking read, and his own early apprenticeship in the lonely limbo of the ‘slush pile’ directly informed our own mission.

John’s now the author of several well-acclaimed thrillers, including the Tori Swyft series.

Martin – Sales & Marketing Director


Armed with more degrees than a summer’s day, with literature, philosophy business and marketing majors, Marty shares his sister and father's love of books.

With his renowned good looks, charm and dazzling sense of humour, he is fast becoming one of the best 'About Me' writers in Australia.

Under the sun, in whatever exotic locations a computer can take him, Marty heads a team keenly searching for those gems Pantera Press aims to publish. The only thing Marty loves more than storytime is that Eureka! moment when his screen starts sparkling with a diamond from a new Aussie author. 

Elysia - Digital Marketing Manager


In addition to managing our digital marketing, Elly spends her time in the Pantera Press office being a design hero, web-analytics expert (read: enthusiast), and all round office treasure.

She is always busy looking for interesting and funny tidbits to post on Hot Off the Press, creating new competitions for readers, or chatting with fans (get in touch: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, or via our #GreatStorytelling hashtag)! Elly also has an abundance of other marketable skills if you are in the market for someone who knows how to spell most words, never dog-ears the pages of books, and know the name of every state (of Australia) by heart.

Lucy - Editor


With a Master of Publishing degree, Lucy is a master of publishing. She also has majors in English and Ancient History where she developed a mild obsession with useful languages like Latin, Ancient Greek and Old Norse.

Along with editorial skills, Lucy brings experience in marketing, publicity, design and graphics editing. With Pantera Press since 2014, she aims to foster longstanding relationships with our talented authors and feels privileged to work with such a creative, passionate and innovative team helping to curate top quality books.

When she’s not helping our authors polish off their latest stories, Lucy is actively involved in the search for our next glittering new Aussie gem straight from the Pantera Press diamond mine of manuscripts.

Lucy plays piano, likes reading (obviously), and fancies herself as something of a photographer. Her best friend is a thesaurus and she has been known to read the dictionary for fun.

James - Submissions Editor


With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney and a background in Public Relations and copywriting, James lives for the written word and believes everybody has an important story to tell. 

As Submissions Editor he passionately reviews and edits the many manuscripts submitted to Pantera Press. A storyteller at heart, James is a vivacious reader with the belief that when you read a thousand books, you live a thousand lives!

From romance to thriller, tragedy to satire, James is constantly on the lookout for the next best-seller; the crème de la crème of Australian storytelling. He wants to discover your unique story and propel it onto the world stage!

When he’s not reading his favourite books, you’ll find James buying things he doesn’t need or practicing his killer backhand on the tennis court.

Katy - Rights Manager


Katy has always been around books. From the age of 16, she worked in a bookshop in the UK. After studying English Literature at University, she joined a small London publishing house, and then moved to Penguin Books where she worked in publicity and promotions.  Since moving to Sydney, Katy discovered the world of Rights, working for Allen & Unwin on both their adult and children’s lists.

At Pantera Press, Katy is busy establishing and developing relationships with translation agents, scouts and overseas publishers to bring Pantera titles to the rest of the world, as well as exploring the possibilities for film, television, audio and digest rights locally.

Now that her three children are post-school age, she has more time to devote to her passions of reading (she has been a member of the same book group for over 19 years), travel and ocean swimming.

To make an appointment with Katy at the London Bookfair or Frankfurt Bookfair, or for any rights information, Click Here.

Madeleine - Publishing Assistant


After an irrational fear of sequins forced her to abandon a lifelong ambition of representing Australia in figure skating, Madeleine turned to the next best thing: books. Descended from a long line of oral storytellers, she is passionate about stories in all their forms and believes that voice is just as important as the story itself.

With a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) degree from the University of Sydney, Madeleine graduated with First Class Honours in English, completing her thesis on Australian Gothic Literature.

A jack-of-all-trades, Madeleine brings experience in editing, book production, marketing and publicity. She can write sales reports, wrap books, organise events, and change light bulbs way better than you can.

When she’s not serenading her co-workers with hits of the 90s, she can be found terrorising interns or pilfering the shelves of the Pantera Press warehouse looking for her next favourite read.

Jenny - Accounts Manager


Jenny is the magical gem in the office, becuase she organises for everyone to get paid. She always stands out in a room, usually dressed in some kind of delightful bright red ensemble! Most importantly, she's not just a numbers lady but also a creative whizz - and a very successful sculptor. If you are looking for a beautiful sculpture for your reading room - look no further. Click Here

For all enquires with regards to accounts and payments, please Click Here to contact Jenny.

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