Darkness is Golden by Mary Hoang sold to Audible Studios post image

Darkness is Golden by Mary Hoang sold to Audible Studios

Pantera Press has sold audiobook rights to Mary Hoang’s Darkness is Golden: A Guide to Personal Transformation and Dealing with Life’s Messiness to Audible in a significant new deal.

Darkness is Golden, Hoang’s debut book, integrates unique audio experiences called ‘sonic embodiments’, created alongside composer Phondupe (Rich Lucano), designed to guide listeners through the process of personal transformation. Sound plays a vital role in Hoang’s work as a psychologist and founder of the mental health organisation The Indigo Project. In Darkness is Golden, Hoang digs up the golden nuggets she has discovered over a decade in the therapy room and invites the reader to trust their inner voice, break unhelpful habits and life a life on their own terms.

Pantera Press Rights Manager Katy McEwen said, ‘We’re delighted to be working with Audible to bring this exciting and timely book to a wider audience. Mary Hoang is dynamic and passionate about her subject matter and her original narration will add an extra dimension to the book’s message – and bring fresh perspectives to topics that are particularly relevant in the present climate.’

Mary Hoang said, ‘I’m so proud to be releasing Darkness is Golden with Audible and reaching a global audience! Darkness is Golden is perfect for the audio format – it includes nine specially composed audio experiences and meditations that will allow listeners to immerse themselves in a transformational journey. With my research in music psychology these Sonic Embodiments are designed to take listeners through deep experiences such as letting go of a past relationship, envisioning their future, and even facing death. I can’t wait for listeners to take an incredible journey through their minds.’


Darkness is Golden is available on Audible.com.au, free to members, now.