Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you run internships?


To apply for an internship, please send your CV and cover letter here.

Are you hiring? Can I send in my CV?

We are not currently hiring for any positions, but you can keep an eye on our Hot off the Press blog for any future job opportunities. If you are interested in working for us, you can also submit your CV here and we will keep you on file.

Can I submit a manuscript if I'm an Australian/New Zealander living overseas?

Our focus is on discovering and nurturing the next generation of storytellers from Australia and New Zealand, wherever they are in the world.

Where do you source your book cover illustrations?

We work with many illustrators, photographers and designers in Australia and overseas. Graphic designers, illustrators and photographers are encouraged to submit their portfolios for us to keep on file. Please send your portfolio here.

Can I submit a manuscript if I've published other stories?


We are looking for previously unpublished authors. This means if you have a book that has not been published elsewhere, we'd love to receive it.

Do you use in-house editors or freelancers?

We have a fantastic in-house editorial team, run by our editor, Lucy Bell, and submissions editor, James Read. However, it is important to us that we match the right editor with the right book so we also work with a stable of talented freelance editors who have extensive industry experience. Freelance editors are welcome to submit their portfolios for us to keep on file. Please send your portfolio here.

Do I contribute financially to the production and publication of my book?


As a handpicked Pantera Press author, you will not contribute financially in any way. Rest assured, we will crack the whip, and our fabulous marketing team will work very hard with you to promote your book to fans and journalists.

Can I resubmit a manuscript I’ve made changes to that you’ve previously rejected?

We do not recommend resubmitting an old manuscript, unless it has been completely re-written.

If you reject my manuscript, can I still send you new/future manuscripts?

Yes please! There are many reasons that we might reject a manuscript, some have nothing to do with the story itself, e.g. we may already be publishing a book that is very similar, we may not think we’ll be able to market the book, it may not fit our list in general. So please don’t be discouraged, we’d like to hear from you about future works.

My book is part of a series or trilogy. Should I send in the whole series?

Only your first book is required, but we kindly ask that you also send us an outline of what you envision for the rest of the series.

Can I submit multiple manuscripts?

Yes, but please submit each manuscript in a separate email. That said, we suggest you leave some time in between your submissions. Submitting multiple manuscripts may give the impression you’ve rushed one or you’ve had them for a while and had no interest. Also note that if you submit multiple submissions to us on the one day, you will only receive one confirmation email.

If I make changes to my manuscript before I hear back from you, can I resubmit it?

Yes, just let us know in your email. However, please be aware that if you resubmit you may not maintain your position in the queue. So for your own benefit please submit the manuscript that you are 100% happy with!

Can I submit my manuscript to competitions as well?

Yes, but as above, please let everyone you’ve submitted to know if you win or get shortlisted.

Can I submit my manuscript to other publishers?

Yes, but please be respectful. If you get an offer from another publisher, let us know ASAP. We may wish to make a counter offer or simply remove your submission from our process, thereby giving attention to other authors.

What is the age range for Young Adult (YA) fiction?

Young Adult fiction is targeted towards those aged 12 and above. Please note that we do accept YA submissions, but don’t accept Children’s fiction (audiences under 12 years old).

Do you publish authors from overseas?

At present time we only publish Australian and New Zealand authors, and therefore we don’t currently accept submissions from overseas.

Do I have to finish my book before I submit it?

Yes. We ask for the full manuscript so we can review your work in its entirety. 

What should I include in my author bio?

Your personal bio should be sent to us as a .PDF and no longer than two A4 pages. We are simply looking for some colour about you, including:

  • Your work history and any relevant life details.
  • Why you love to write, what your writing ambitions are and how you have tried to fulfill them so far.
  • And if non-fiction, your credentials for writing this book.

How long should my synopsis be?

Ideally one to one and a half pages in size 12 font and double spacing. A synopsis should be tight and punchy, detailing the key turning points from start to finish, including spoilers! Also remember that your synopsis is another chance to show us your writing style.

How long should my manuscript be?

The word count differs for each individual book, but on average anywhere between 70,000-100,000 words is recommended. It’s important to consider your audience and genre: Historical fiction might be closer to 100,000, whereas YA fiction often ranges between 60,000-80,000 words. Please note that Pantera Press does not accept novellas or short stories.

How should I format my submission?

We request your submission contains your entire manuscript as a .PDF in A4 sizing, with 1.5 or double spaced formatting and at least 2.5cm (1”) margins all around. Please use a regular serif font. Our favourites are Cambria, Times New Roman, Garamond, Bembo and Georgia. At the top of each page, please insert the page number, the title of your work and your name. Remember, white space and paragraphs are a good thing!

Do I need to get my manuscript professionally edited or proofread prior to submitting?


It definitely won't hurt your chances, but we don't require it. Once we sign an author and their book, we embark on a rigorous editing process together. However, we still want you to submit your best work. We understand that it's difficult to remain objective when it comes to your own writing, so our tips are to:

  1. Leave your manuscript for a while and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. Read it as if it’s a book written by someone else.

  2. Have someone else read it: get feedback from family members, friends, or writers’ groups.

Bear in mind there will always be errors and typos, so we definitely won’t hold these against you, but you’ll want to submit a polished manuscript that is as clean as possible.

Can I submit if my manuscript has already been published elsewhere or self-published?

Our focus is on finding new Australian storytellers, so our preference is unpublished authors. That said, it’s not a deal breaker. We will not look at a manuscript that has already been self-published or published by another publishing house, however we are happy to consider new (unpublished) manuscripts by emerging Australian authors. Please ensure to include the sales figures of your previous book in your cover letter.

Do you give feedback on submissions or is it a simple yes or no?

We will let you know either way. However, owing to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot provide detailed editorial feedback. We are a small team and this would significantly lengthen our response time which we try to keep as fast as possible.

I haven’t heard from you, does this mean my submission has been rejected?

No. We will always respond to every author once we have made a decision on their manuscript.

When will I hear back from you regarding my manuscript submission?

You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your submission.

If you haven’t received this acknowledgement email after 1 day, please contact us here to check that we have received your submission.

We will read your submission as quickly as we can, but please be patient. We are a small team and, while we aim to be as fast as possible, our speed is very dependent on the volume of submissions we receive and our production schedule for new releases. Uniquely, we also have at least two editors review each submission so we can give all manuscripts the attention they deserve.

Generally speaking our response time is between 3 weeks and 6 months.

If you have been waiting longer than this, please feel free to touch base for an update. However, please note that since we are a small team, questions regarding response times also take time to answer and further slow down the submissions process! That said, we are always happy to help if you have been waiting a long time.

I have a question about my submission. Who do I contact?

For all queries regarding submissions, please contact our submissions team at here. Please note that owing to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot discuss submissions by telephone or in person, and are unable to provide detailed editorial feedback. Click here for more information on our submissions process and our submissions guidelines.

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