Fiction and Non-Fiction: How to Submit

Fiction and Non-Fiction: How to Submit


What we want, and why

Pantera Press aims to be known as a great new home for Australia’s next generation of best-loved authors™.

That means we want to discover, launch and nurture previously unpublished Australian (and New Zealand) writers… writers who, despite having more than one great book in them, and having a passion for writing, have not yet found the right publisher.

We are seeking books with wide appeal. For both fiction and non-fiction, we are looking for books with bestseller-potential and with strong, quality writing and style. For fiction our focus is on mass-market and popular books, that is, great stories that are riveting and well-written. For non-fiction, our focus is on books that foster ideas and debate.

We definitely want to hear from you if you think you might be the next John Grisham, Tim Winton, Jodi Picoult, Kate Grenville, Geraldine Brooks, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or Jane Green, or if you’ve written the next 'Spotless', 'Freakonomics' or 'Tipping Point'. Check out some of our books on our website, and you'll see what we've been publishing so far.

Please note we are NOT currently publishing picture or illustrated books, cookbooks, self-help books, health and well being books, travel books, poetry, play scripts, short stories, compilations, novellas, chapter books or children’s books (by children’s books, we mean books for under 12's. We are actively looking for Young Adult Fiction, for an age group 12 years +).

If you have any questions, please look at our FAQs first. If the answer you are looking for isn't there, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you strongly believe your fiction or non-fiction work and your passion for writing suit our criteria above, please email us the following 4 things to submit(at)

N.B. Please remember to replace the (at) with an @ symbol in the email address.


1. Email

In the body of your email please copy and paste the below paragraph and fill in the relevant details:


Full Name:

Pen Name (if you have one):

Manuscript Title:

Email Address:

Postal address:

Phone number (including area code):

Word Count:

Genre (if your book fits into multiple genres, please pick the one you think outweighs all others):

1. Sci-fi/Fantasy

2. Young Adult

3. Thriller

4. Crime

5. Mystery

6. Horror

7. Women’s Fiction

8. Romance/Erotica

9. Adventure

10. Drama

11. Comedy/Humour

12. Historical Fiction

13. Literary Fiction

14. Non-Fiction

15. Biography/Memoir

16. Religious/Inspirational

Tell us who you think the audience is for this book:

Tell us what other authors/books your readers would enjoy: 

If your book was displayed on a giant billboard in the middle of the city, what do you think the tagline on the billboard would be to excite people to read your story?

How did you hear about Pantera Press:

1. Google Search

2. Social Media

3. Media – Tell us more __________________

4. Blog or other website – Which one? __________________

5. Event – Which one? __________________

6. Writers’ Centre/Group – Which one? __________________

7. Pantera Press Staff/Author Referral

8. Read Pantera Press Book

9. Word of Mouth

10. Other – Please tell us __________________

The attached is my original work in its entirety.

N.B. If you are sending us multiple submissions, please send each as a separate email.


2. Synopsis

A brief synopsis of your book. A synopsis should be tight and punchy, detailing the key turning points from start to finish, including all key spoilers! Also remember that your synopsis is another chance to show us your writing style. Please keep it to a maximum of two A4 single pages, in 1.5 or double spacing. Please send this as a .PDF.

For non-fiction, please also tell us what's original about your book, and identify the market for it, including its size and demographics as well as explain how your book differs from the other books on the same topic that it will be competing with for shelfspace.


 3. Your FULL Manuscript

Your entire manuscript, in A4 size with at least 2.5cm (1”) margins all around, and formatted in 1.5 or double spacing. We only accept .PDFs.*

At the top of each page, please insert:

  • The page number
  • The title of your work
  • Your name  

N.B. Please submit the manuscript you are 100% happy with. If you want to make changes and resubmit another version later, you will not retain your position in the queue and your manuscript will be entered as a new submission. 

 3. Personal Bio

A personal bio, no more than two A4 pages. Please send this as a .PDF. We are looking for some colour about you, including:

  • Your work history and any relevant life details
  • Why you like to write, what your writing ambitions are and how you have tried to fulfill them so far
  • For non-fiction, what are your credentials for writing this book


When will you hear from us?

You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your submission.

If you haven’t received this acknowledgement email after 1 day, please click here and use this form to check that we have received your submission.

We will read your submission as quickly as we can, but please be patient. We are a small team and, while we will try hard to do it faster, our speed is very dependent on the volume of submissions we receive and our production schedule of new releases.

We will let you know either way. Owing to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot discuss submissions by telephone or in person, and we cannot provide detailed editorial feedback.

Thank you.

We look forward to reading your work.

Pantera Press


If you have any questions about our submissions guidelines, please email submissions(at)


*A note on file type and following our guidelines: 

We no longer take paper submissions. We do everything online, for three reasons.

The first is for environmental reasons; it's just too much paper. The second is that it saves authors a packet in terms of printing, packaging and posting.

The third reason is that the submissions process can be lengthy; the feedback we've gotten from authors is that the most important thing to them is a speedy response, so we've tweaked our process so that we can get back to authors in the shortest time frame we reasonably can.

The correct digital file helps us because it means our wider submissions team can simultaneously read a manuscript (to do it the justice it deserves), allowing us to respond swiftly.

We receive a ton of submissions and because of this we are very busy and don't have the time to change around file formats.

We say this as lovingly as possible: please send us your manuscript as a .PDF, or it will be rejected.

The Australian Writer's Centre has usefully adapted an article from our Head of Submissions at Top 4 Rules When Submitting Your Manuscript to a Publisher. There's really eleven rules hiding in there, see if you can find them.

Check it out and make your submission as strong as possible!

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