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New Release: MIND BLOWN by Dan Marshall

Sydney-based graphic designer Dan Marshall will release his debut book Mind Blown on November 5.

Dan Marshall is a designer, illustrator and writer who runs a design agency, Studio Marshall. For over 20 years he has worked with a diverse group of clients including Sydney Opera House, The Australian Museum, The Hunger Project, Facebook and Coca Cola.

Mind Blown was born from Dan’s passion for graphic design, communicating information visually and his deep curiosity for the incredibly strange place that is our universe. Dan’s unique illustrations bring these facts to life to create a fact book that is the first of its kind.

‘I remember my first moment of cosmic realisation – and the accompanying awareness that our lives, and the universe we live in, are not quite as they initially seem,’ says Marshall. ‘It was electrifying. I could feel my mind being well and truly blown. And since then, I’ve had that experience many times.’

Dan has spent nearly three years binging on books, podcasts, television shows, live shows and the internet, where the topic involved anything related to cosmology, science and the universe in general. Mind Blown is his carefully curated collection of 85 facts with accompanying illustrations that aims to demonstrate just how spectacularly strange the universe around us is. Containing a range of facts from quantum mechanics and general relativity to immortal jellyfish and mathematical insects, this book will take you from the origins of the universe and life here on Earth, to everywhere in between.

Mind Blown is for all ages, young and old.



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Mind Blown by Dan Marshall

RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2019

Hardcover Gift ISBN 9781925700862 $29.99 AUD