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New Release: SURF BY DAY, JAM BY NIGHT by Ash Grunwald

Musician Ash Grunwald releases book about the connection between surfing and music.

Andrew Crockett, author of the surf book Switch-foot, once told Ash Grunwald: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

For Ash, a musician and keen surfer, this really hit home when he gave up drinking on January 1, 2018. What started as a health-kick for him and his partner, Danni, became something much deeper.

Not only did he feel better, but he became better at the two things he loves the most: music and surfing. Without alcohol, he was able to let go of some of the inhibitions that were holding him back musically. And the same thing happened with his surfing.

To Ash, music and surfing are the peaches and cream of the perfect Australian lifestyle – cruising down the coast in a beaten-up old van with a surfboard and a guitar, not a care in the world. This is how he spent most of his twenties – travelling around Australia playing gigs and surfing waves.

But apart from the lifestyle it offered, Ash started to think there was something deeper that connected these passions – a blend of the wildly esoteric with the deeply scientific and technical. Because that’s what surfing and music are both about: to be good at them you need to know the science behind what you’re doing while allowing yourself to be free enough to let your intuition guide you.

That’s how Surf by Day, Jam by Night was born.

From heavy wipe-outs to heaving crowds, this book gives an insight into the minds of true legends who have mastered the artforms of surfing and music. Through conversations with Kelly Slater, Steph Gilmore, Jack Johnson, Dave Rastovich, Jaleesa Vincent, G. Love, and many more, Ash discusses flow states, jamming versus shredding, style, transcendence, fear, career longevity, growth mindset, mindfulness and what it’s really like to live your dreams.

Surf by Day, Jam by Night is an inspiring book that encourages us all to look inside ourselves and chase the things that truly make us happy.


About the author

Ash Grunwald is an Australian musician who discovered the blues via Melbourne community radio stations RRR and PBS.

He started his recording career with the aptly titled ‘Introducing Ash Grunwald’, which was recorded live in one session with just an acoustic guitar and foot percussion – consisting of a stomp box and tambourine.

Ash’s second album, 2004’s ‘I Don’t Believe’, led to his first ARIA nomination, for Best Blues and Roots Album and saw him crowned Male Vocalist of the Year at the Victorian Blues Awards.

Eleven albums later, Ash signed with Bloodlines and will release a new album in August to coincide with the release of his first book.

A long-time environmentalist, Ash also runs Earth Bottles with his partner, Danni. Created to eradicate single-use plastic bottles, the company started by producing bottles to be sold as part of Ash’s merchandise. It’s now a global company, partnering with charities such as Hope For Health, Breast Cancer Network and Beyond Blue, as well as acts such as Midnight Oil, The Living End, Ziggy Alberts and Bobby Alu.

Ash is passionate about the devastating impact coal seam gas mining has on our environment. In 2013, wearing a gas mask, Ash paddled into Queensland’s Condamine River, bubbling with methane gas, to raise awareness about the impact the Adani Coal Mine has had on the river.





Surf by Day, Jam by Night by Ash Grunwald

RELEASE DATE: August 19, 2019

Trade Paperback ISBN 9781925700442  $32.99 AUD

Ebook ISBN 9781925700459   $13.99 AUD

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