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Can you Taste the Sound of Murder?

The worldwide release of Killing Adonis by J.M. Donellan is being supported by Pantera Press

with an online synaesthesia tool that allows users to enter the world of the book's protagonist, cynical and feisty nurse Freya Miller (who has the amazing neurological condition synaesthesia, where two or more senses collide).  

Associate Professor Anina Rich, Head of the Synaesthesia Research Group, Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University describes the online tool as “a bit of fun” and is pleased that it brings awareness to the heightened sensory world that synaesthetes experience.

“The online tool developed by Pantera Press is a bit of fun – even though we do know that individual synaesthetes see things uniquely, the online tool does reflect the idea of sound and color associations – though many with synaesthesia see an entire letter as a single colour as well as experiencing sounds as colours”,  commented Assoc. Professor Rich.

“Our research unit is always keen to hear from people who think they might have synaesthesia – so it’s great that information about this amazing neurological condition can be shared in such a positive way using social media,” said Assoc. Professor Rich.

Can you taste the sound of murder? transforms typed messages into colour and sound - then allows users to share them via social media.

“We worked with creative agency August to develop a user friendly and easily sharable site that offers a unique taste of the world of synaesthes. Donellan’s feisty nurse Freya Miller lives with wonderful colours linked to music, and now Killing Adonis readers from all over the world can share her world,” commented Alison Green, CEO and co-founder of Pantera Press.

“Our Can you taste the sound of murder? campaign reflects the multi-sensory effects that this unusual, yet surprising prevalent, condition creates. Macquarie University estimates that 1 in 500 people experience the most common form of synaesthesia – letter-colour association.”


If you think you have synaesthesia - a condition shared by many creative types, including the artist Kandisky, the actress Marilyn Monroe, musiciansPharrell Williams and Kanye West, composer Ludwig vanBeethoven, poet Vladimir Nabakov and Killing Adonis’ Freya Miller - please contact the Synaesthesia Research Group at Macquarie University:


Pantera Press has enjoyed a “crime spree” over the past few weeks. Killing Adonis author J.M Donellan joined fellow Pantera Press crime writers Melanie Casey and Sulari Gentill at the Crime & Justice Festival, in Melbourne and Casey was in Sydney earlier in the month for a stint on a Crime Panel at the Writers’ Tent at The Newtown Festival. November also saw the launch of A Murder Unmentioned, book 6 in Gentill’s award-winning Rowland Sinclair Mystery series (which happened to be the best-selling book at the Crime & Justice Festival)

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