Pantera Press to Publish Ash Grunwald’s First Book: SURF BY DAY, JAM BY NIGHT post image

Pantera Press to Publish Ash Grunwald’s First Book: SURF BY DAY, JAM BY NIGHT

Pantera Press has bought world rights to Surf by Day, Jam by Night by Australian musician and surfer Ash Grunwald. This is the first book acquired by Lex Hirst, who joined the company in July.

“Ash Grunwald is one of Australia’s most exciting storytellers and we’re thrilled that he’s taking his signature voice, passion and energy to the page,” said Hirst.

“Surfing and music sit deep within the Australian consciousness, and the people who live for these moments have an insight into a different way of life. This book is going to take us all on a journey to some unknown places with some very familiar characters, and we can’t wait for the conversations that will follow.”

The book, which includes interviews with the world’s leading surfers including Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Dave Rastovich and Xavier Rudd, will be released in August 2019. Grunwald will also release a new album next year and embark on a national and US tour.

“Right now, I’m spending my 42nd birthday banging away at the keyboard in a flea-bitten downtown LA motel and I couldn’t be happier. My twin passions of surfing and music have led me into so many intense, sticky situations around the world, and the adventures just keep coming,” said Grunwald.

“The day after signing this book deal I jumped on a plane and found myself in Kelly Slater’s kitchen playing the guitar that Ben Harper gave him! Mere hours later I was in Malibu jamming with Steph Gilmore, getting the lowdown on how to manifest dreams into reality. I’m living the dream! I feel like Hunter S. Thompson, without the acid, and I can’t wait to take you all along on the ride.”



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