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Pantera Press to publish Love This For You by Deni Todorovič

Pantera Press has acquired world rights for Love This for You: How to Rewrite the Rules and Live Authentically by LGBTQIA+ activist, content creator and podcast host Deni Todorovič.

In 2021, Deni was the face of a self-love campaign on billboards across the nation. Self-love is a theme they have increasingly been asked about by their followers on social media over the past 18 months: ‘How do you love yourself? How are you so confident?’ But Deni is all too familiar with low self-esteem and feeling lost. Their debut book will be an empowering guide full of hard-won wisdom, inviting you to unpack who you really are and how to live life on your own terms. Packed full of musings on everything from family, childhood trauma, gender, sexuality and friendship to dating, career, spirituality and identity, Love This for You takes readers on a life-changing journey of self-love.

As a queer, non-binary person and as a child of migrants, Deni knows firsthand what it means to live between worlds and to step into one’s truth. We all grow up in a society that teaches us the rules about how to fit in, but Deni has learnt that it’s not always a good idea to follow social norms. In Love This for You, they share how they’ve learnt to live authentically – and they make a case for why sometimes you need to rebel against the rules and write your own.

Deni Todorovič (they/them) is a queer activist, content creator, creative director, podcast host, former celebrity stylist and former fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. They have worked in fashion for more than a decade, including at mastheads such as British VogueInStyle, Cosmopolitan UK and for luxury brands Net-A-Porter and Burberry.
They are proudly a part of the global movement to de-gender fashion, as was displayed through their work as creative and fashion director for the opening show of 2021’s Melbourne Fashion Week. They also host a weekly fashion podcast for the Mamamia network, titled What Are You Wearing?, and run the massively popular Instagram account @stylebydeni, which has in the past 12 months reached over 23 million impressions globally. Deni has also become one of the most highly sought-after social ambassadors for self-love campaigns, working with iconic retailers like The Body Shop, Bonds, David Jones and Levi’s. Love This for You is their first book.

This book is a gift to my audience; it’s a gift to anyone who has at any time felt lost, insecure, unsure of their life’s purpose and self-worth. It’s for the kid who didn’t get to sit at the back of the bus, who wasn’t invited to the party or chosen for the soccer team. The drama geek, the flamboyant dancer, the creative, the ones who spent their lunchtimes in the library and an adolescence navigating bullying. This book is for the ones who still feel that way – who might have found themselves in abusive relationships or toxic environments. If you’ve ever felt unworthy of the self-love you so rightfully deserve, this book aims to inspire and empower you. Darling, I LOVE THIS FOR YOU.’
– Deni Todorovič, author

‘Over the past couple of years, Deni has steadily amassed a loyal audience who watch as Deni forges their own path in life and work. In this relatable, inclusive guide to life, they share all the lessons they’ve learnt along the way and bring their fresh and funny perspective to well-worn ideas like authenticity, bravery and self-love. I’m thrilled to be working on this exciting project with them.’
– Tom Langshaw, Commissioning Editor

Love This for You will be released in November 2022.


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