Chasing Odysseus

Book One: The Hero Trilogy

Sulari Gentill

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Chasing Odysseus

Book One: The Hero Trilogy

Sulari Gentill

Book 1 in S.D. Gentill’s (also known as Sulari Gentill) HERO TRILOGY.

1 girl, 3 brothers… 4 daring young heroes…

treachery, transformations and a deadly quest.

A thrilling adventure of ancient myth, monsters, gods, sorcerers, sirens, magic and many evils…the fall of Troy and a desperate chase across the seas in a magical Phaeacian ship…

Hero and her three brothers – Mac, Cad and Lycon go on this exciting and dangerous quest to prove their murdered father’s honour, the betrayal by King Odysseus and the loyalty of their own people to the conquered city of Troy.

“Set within the stories of Homer’s ILLIAD and ODYSSEY, CHASING ODYSSEUS lends a witty, young adult voice to these classic stories.”
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  • First Edition
    Published 2011-03-07 ISBN 978-0-9807418-6-5

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill - Author of the award-winning and best-selling Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, the Greek mythology adventure series The Hero Trilogy, and winner of the Best Crime award at the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards, Crossing the Lines.

Award-winning author Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, graduated in law, and then abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts.

Born in Sri Lanka, Sulari learned to speak English in Zambia, grew up in Brisbane and now lives in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of NSW where, with her historian husband, she grows French black truffles, cares for a variety of animals and raises two wild colonial boys. Sulari also paints, but only well enough to know she should write, preferably in her pyjamas.


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More about the author

“… literature’s most famous journey is transformed into a gripping fantasy-adventure series for teenagers… Four loyal children begin their own journey at sea in pursuit of truth, honour, revenge and the one man who can clear their name… easy-reading style, conventional narrative pacing, running ironic commentary and strong female protagonist… Gentill succeeds in bringing Homer’s ancient tale to life for a modern audience… Either a witty postmodern revamp or a page-turning introduction to Greek mythology, it works exceptionally well… Chasing Odysseus will surely flame the fires of interest in the classics and remind us all of why, after many thousands or years down the track, they’re still completely and utterly enthralling.”

“… allowing minor characters and monsters a voice, Gentill provides a contemporary, sometimes humorous, and not altogether flattering critique of Odysseus’s actions and motivations, as well as a poignant reminder that, in the ancient world, you didn’t have to be a nice person to be a hero; you just had to be the last man left holding a sword.”

“I review SD Gentill’s Chasing Odysseus in April’s ABR. A YA perspective on The Odyssey. In short: brilliantly complex and insightful prose.”

“A captivating read… I rarely put it down, and when it did fall from my grip I found myself constantly thinking of it. Definitely worth reading.”

“…Set within the stories of Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, Chasing Odysseus lends a witty, young adult voice to these classic stories. There were several moments during the story when I laughed out loud—the teenage herdsmen’s take on the Greek soldiers’ melodrama is particularly fun.”

“…great read suited to not only young adults but for older readers as well …easy to read, and very entertaining, with adventure and mythology mixed together to bring the story of the ancient past to life in a bold new way of thinking for young and old to discover or is that to re-discover, in a world of time of the bygone era. If this first book in the series leaves you wanting more, then the next two books in this exciting new trilogy will make you want to find out the story’s outcome to its griping end.”

“…read it as fast as you can as it is fantasticly amazing!”

“… All the boys are really funny, but my favourite is Cad. He was really funny and brave when he dared to jump from the window of a castle almost as big as a skyscraper… It’s a good book for young people especially to read with your mum or dad. There’s nothing really scary (except when you read about Odysseus naked!) and lots of bits that are really funny. I would love to see this book made into a movie. I give it 5/5.”

“…excitement and adventure… a highly entertaining read aimed at a young adult market. But the more I read of the ‘young adult’ genre, the more I believe it is so-called to keep the delights of books like Chasing Odysseus a secret from us over-18s. The novel is a wonderful primer for those new to the ancient Greek myths and an imaginative new take for those who know the ropes.”

“This glossy, pacy, teenage-friendly reteling of stories from Homer’s epic… Four siblings… are on a mapcap, dangerous mission and survive a smorgasboard of life-threatening blood-spilling scrapes…”

“The drama of Greek mythology is repackaged and made accessible for young readers in this first book of the Hero Trilogy…”

“… extremely refreshing and addictive… always surprised and often delighted at the twists Gentill added to the tale… I found myself actually laughing out loud… the book also touches upon some more serious content… I found this book to be a extremely enjoyable read and will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the trilogy.”

“…high adventure and intense emotion… a gifted author… I became so engrossed and emotionally attached.”

***** Four and a half out of five – “I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. I would definitely recommend this book… I look forward to reading the second book when it comes out.”

***** Four and a half out of five – “the quest that Hero and her three brothers embark on is filled with adventures of the thrilling and deadly kind… really fun, fast-paced read.”

Chasing Odysseus introduced me to Greek myths and legends in a gentle and extremely accessible way and is suitable for adult or YA readers alike. If you’re interested in Greek mythology but are too afraid to read Homer’s Iliad or theOdyssey, then this is a fabulous contemporary place to start.”

“A fresh, fun take on the famous tale of Odysseus’ 10 year round-the-world trip following the fall of Troy… This book was a lot of fun… A cracking stand-alone story… vivid and pacy…”