S.D. Gentill


#2 in the HERO TRILOGY

4 Daring Heroes...

Sorcery... Vengeance...

And Destiny Defied...

Machaon, Cadmus, Lycon and Hero return to the ruins of Troy to confront disaster. Once again the Herdsmen of Ida are caught in unfolding legend - facing monsters, murderers and the gods at war, in a desperate attempt to challenge what the fates have decreed.

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The Daily Telegraph

"Gentill imagines what happens beyond the fall of Troy... story interweaves with mythical figures... beautifully written work... a book packed with gods, magic, mythical creatures and heroic deeds... a worthy sequel to Chasing Odysseus"

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Newsbite (NSW Writers' Centre)

"... Gentill transforms Greek mythology into a page turning, fantasy adventure novel for today's audience... fast-paced, well crafted...gods, witches, dragons, loyalty, deception, madness, revenge, love and more face the three brothers and their sister on their epic travels... witty prose... you'll be hooked and unable to put it down until the last page... don't miss out on this brilliant read" (Kathy Sorrenson)

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Where the Writer Comes to Write

"I was sucked in before I knew it and avidly following the trail of the three brothers as they themselves followed the trail of their kidnapped sister. Trying War is, by now unsurprisingly, another excellent book from Sulari Gentill... was just as maravllous and captivating as that of book one- there was even more danger and adventure...  another beautiful creation from the epic mind of Sulari Gentill".

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"... thrilling fantasy adventure... A great adventure story, Trying War is slightly Darker than Chasing Odysseus... While her fast-moving quest is based on Greek myth, it is at its core a gripping fantasy adventure series. Gentill creates twist after extraordinary twist to keep today's readers enchanted and enthralled from start to finish..." 

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