John M. Green

How far would you go to save the planet? ...Would you destroy it?

Imagine a global depression caused, not by greed or stupidity, but by a secret band of brilliant and radical environmentalists, 9S, using cyber-terror to slash the world’s population and smash its resource-hungry economy. Members of 9S have spent ten years secretly infiltrating industry and government, working themselves into the most trusted jobs in the world...sleepers ready to act.

When the first global catastrophe erupts, the finger points at Australian-born Dr Tori Swyft, a former 9S member recently forced out of the CIA. Can the dark 9S conspiracy be stopped before it’s too late?

They are the most trusted… until they betray their trust.





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The Australian

"... as good as John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Lee Child or Jonathan Kellerman ... knife-edge plot, sophisticated themes and empathetic characters put Green in the front rank of Australian thriller writers."    

The Sun-Herald & AGE

"With such a breakneck pace and charismatic lead character, it's easy to see this turned into a Hollywood blockbuster." 

Sydney Morning Herald (The Age, Brisbane Times, WA Today, Canberra Times)

"The narrative is a constant guessing game. Who can be trusted? ... With such a breakneck pace and charismatic lead character, it's easy to see this being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, maybe with Naomi Watts in the lead role. We can expect to hear a lot more from Sydney author Green, too... He poses a lot of ''what if'' questions and is a talent worth watching."


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ABC Radio

"...Green's brilliant and provocative new eco-thriller... delivers a chilling prophesy of what could really happen if extremists turned technology against itself... its terrifying political edge makes it all too plausible." 

ABC Radio 612 Weekend Bookworm

"...In John M. Green's brilliant and provocative new eco-thriller, The Trusted, those intent on our destruction are not Islamic terrorists but trusted insiders, those at the very top of government, business, science and academia... Green delivers a chilling prophesy of what could really happen if extremists turned technology against itself. The Trusted is a classic race against time thriller with a difference: its terrifying political edge makes it all too plausible."

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Glam Adelaide

"Green’s novel is reminiscent of the novels of Michael Crichton – the master of ‘what if…’ fiction, submerged in fact. The characters are entertaining and varied, the twists are not obvious or telegraphed, and the finale is a pleasant surprise."

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ABC Radio 936

"...A very exciting book... a fascinating book in terms of its core premise which is a group of environmental activists willing to destroy the world to save it... What I particularly enjoyed is the thinking behind the premise and the pure logic of it..." (Breakfast with Ryk Goddard)

Fair Dinkum Crime

"...if you're able to lose yourself in Green's version of the near future you’re in for a terrific ride... eerily, worryingly possible (seriously it’s going to keep me awaketonight)... the speed at which things unfold make the whole novel exciting and the final fifty or so pages is pure white-knuckle reading... all the qualities needed to appeal to fans of a well-plotted ‘what if…’ thriller. And the last line is a doozy."

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The Age

"A concept film producers are particularly fond of is ''jeopardy''. Just look at any plot aimed at your average popcorn and cola audience. The greater the degree of jeopardy, the better. Ian Fleming's James Bond books, for example, are full of it - usually what is at stake is the survival of the planet. John M. Green's scenario in The Trusted has this same theme. A secret cabal of eco-terrorists has been established to shut down an energy-depleted world. The members of the cabal excel in their particular field, whether it be in the oil industry, banking or politics. Their charter is to place themselves into a trusted position and then attack the organisation from within. One of these sleepers is a gorgeous Australian redhead, Tori Swyft, whose postgrad thesis was adopted by the nuclear-power industry. When the CIA claims her neutronics model, which has been applied to nuclear plants around the world, has an inbuilt self-destruct mechanism, Tori claims she is innocent."


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"...a very big threat scenario, with a lot of action happening all at once. There's also a big corporate feel... For something quite this 'out there', there is a sneaking sense of possibility, always a very good thing in a thriller of this kind... Fortunately The Trusted is probably fiction. At least you'd hope so."

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"If you love action thrillers then pick this one up. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of Tori Swyft and I for one don't mind that at all!" (Rachael McDiarmid)

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Angela Savage (Haydn Savage)

" and exhilarating writing and impeccable attention to detail makes the improbable possible, and the pace accelerates to a convincing conclusion. This page turner is a compulsory companion on a long flight or relaxing holiday."

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