Barry Brook (YES) vs Ian Lowe (NO)

In WHY vs WHY™ Nuclear Power, we pit two opposing activists & writers against each other, Barry Brook & Ian Lowe. They go head-to-head, each presenting 7 key reasons why you should say yes/no to nuclear power.

After each author presents his arguments, his opponent tries to tear each of them apart, both in the book & on this website (with further rebuttals). For readers, we aim to leave nothing unanswered.

Barry & Ian are good writers with strong, well-argued opinions. Who will you agree with? Will one of them change your mind? Read the book & find out.

In WHY vs WHY™, you get both sides, so you can decide for yourself... The books are also a great tool to help you convince others, people who don't see the light the way you do. Buy them a copy!


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Vote – Nuclear Power

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ABC 702:

“I think it’s a terrific idea…It’s a series of small but perfectly formed books…it’s a very civil little series of books…  a good way of presenting these sort of issues ” (James Valentine)

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ABC 702

"I like the way this is presented... a very helpful little series..." (James Valentine)

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The Weekend Australian

"Each side gets to make its case and rebut its opponent... There's no name-calling or irrational ranting, just the main arguments, pro and con." (Leigh Dayton)

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The Sun-Herald

 "Pantera Press has come up with a great new idea to foster debate on complex topics... a series of pocket-size books that tackle both sides..." (Marc McEvoy)

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ABC Big Ideas

“Each book in the WHY vs WHY series focuses on a hot-button issue... and two prominent thinkers do their best to convince readers to embrace their position.” (Damien Carrick)

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Business Spectator

"...for those who pride themselves on arguing the facts rather than on pure emotion, a new 'double sided' book from Pantera Press might come in handy – flip the book around one way and read the 'no' case... then flip it over again to read the 'yes' case..." (Pat McGrath)

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