John M. Green


 Wealthy stock trader Michael Hunt is a secretive man with a past he's not even shared with Sonya, his university professor wife.

But Sonya is forced to start piecing it together when Michael suddenly goes missing leaving her with millions in debt, a bank foreclosing on their Sydney beach house, and many unanswered questions.

And when the global financial crisis erupts, Sonya's world gets even bleaker...

Until she stumbles on some strange files... files that will change her life forever... The keys to repaying her debts... and to finding Michael... at least to why he left... and why he lied.

Using the files, Sonya risks everything. Her white-knuckled ride through reeling stock markets, a love-triangle murder and conspiracy takes her from Sydney to Princeton University to ask a famous physicist to help her unlock the mystery.

Sonya's hunt for Michael becomes a search for herself....if only she knew what he knew...




"I found myself very quickly caught up in the story and reading for far later into the night thabn


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Canberra Times

"A highly polished debut novel... Nowhere Man is a clever, interesting novel that delivers a stunning mid-book twist and a totally unexpected ending that will leave readers divided in their views. One of the most surprising thrillers of the year" (Jeff Popple)

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The Herald-Sun

"GREAT READS. Verdict: Intriguing. Enigmatic stock trader Michael Hunt vanishes while his wife Sonya is out on her morning run along the beach, leaving a note telling her he has been kidnapped. Sonya is left with crippling debts... and launches an extraordinary adventure which owes more than an affectionate nod to the works of H.G.Wells. Author John M. Green is a co-founder of Pantera Press which has published Nowhere Man. Both his publishing ideals and his first novel are a credit to him." (Kit Galer)

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Good Reading Magazine ****

"This gripping missing-person/financial thriller is an exciting page-turner for everyone with an interest in personal relationships or monetary brinkmanship. Have tissues ready to wipe perspiration off your brow." (Clive Hodges)

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Nights with Walter Williams , 4BC Brisbane Radio

"Michael Crichton is good but [John M Green is] no slacker either... I’m ripping through this book... chapter after chapter [until] the eyes are’s a really good read... A great mystery. A book has to get you from the opening paragraph... and [Nowhere Man] has... I’m looking forward to reading the rest." Click here to listen to the interview.

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Janine Perrett, The Perrett Report, Sky Business:

"I could kill you, as I began reading last night and couldn't put it down until early this morning... I enjoyed it... I'm sure it will be successful... It's a good read."

Courier Mail

“Michael Hunt is charming, evasive and mysterious. It is the generous helping of mystery in this science-fiction-cum-thriller, and how the disconnected story threads involving Michael's sudden disappearance, a love-triangle murder and strange yet desirable software, are woven together that creates its readability factor. Every new discovery only compounds the enigmatic mood and teasing power of the plot... Green's strength lies in conjuring a bewildering landscape of betrayals.” (Gillian Bramley-Moore)

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Dymocks Hay St, Perth

"Staff Book Pick: Fiction/Thriller (and much more). This gripping story will take you in an intriguing & totally unexpected direction & will keep its hold on you, even after you've eagerly devoured every page to discover how the mystery unfolds. A MUST READ." (Terri-Lee) Click here for Dymocks Hay St facebook page

Arcadia Bookshop, Newmarket, Auckland NZ on Leighton Smith Radio Newstalk ZB

"I enjoyed it... it’s a great premise that this woman has access to information that can help her achieve things on the stock market.” (To buy Nowhere Man at Arcadia, click here

Readings Monthly

"Not only is this a white-knuckled thriller with a disturbing edge - its initial drafts predicted the future. In August 2001, the author fictionally blew up New York's World Trade Centre. Following 9/11, he revised the novel and included a financial catastrophe before the GFC, which he's now brought in with devastating effect."   (To buy Nowhere Man at Readings, click here)

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Booktopia Buzz

“THE BEST OF LOCAL FICTION... John M. Green’s experience in money matters has been brought to bear in this tight, taut financial thriller... Nowhere Man is a financial thriller with a sharp disturbing edge that crosses over financial deals, corporate crises, murder, love and conspiracy as a woman's search from Sydney to New York for her mysteriously missing husband turns into a search to find herself.” (Toni Whitmont)  (To buy Nowhere Man at Booktopia, click here)

Nobody Trusts People without a Tan

"...It is set in the semi-recent GFC and I loved the fact that while there was lots of stock market related lingo etc, I didn’t find myself scratching my head. The language was uncomplicated, but not “dumbed-down” at all... I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading." (Will Andrews) 

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Carpe Librum

"... the plot and pace had me turning the pages well into the night... I thoroughly enjoyed Nowhere Man, and look forward to reading more from this author in the future"

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