The Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series

The Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series


The Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series

Book 1: A Few Right Thinking Men

Book 2: A Decline in Prophets

Book 3: Miles Off Course

Book 4: Paving the New Road

Book 5: Gentelmen Formerly Dressed

Book 6: A Murder Unmentioned

Book 7: Give the Devil his Due

The Award-Winning Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series by Sulari Gentill is a charming historical crime series, set in the 1930s in Australia and overseas. Each novel can be read as a stand alone story, or as part of the series.

Rowland, the youngest of the respectable and influential Sinclair family, has a talent for scandal.  His family consider him the blacksheep, because he is an artist and associates with the 'riff raff' of society - Milton, Clyde and of course Edna, the beautiful bohemian sculptress (and his love interest).

These four companions continue to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time - playing amateur detectives while stumbling across murder and mayhem, all set to the glamourous and darkening backdrop of the 1930s.

What people are saying about the Rowland Sinclair Series:

"This wiley detective makes us think of Miss Marple or Inspector Poirot..." - ABC Radio National's The Book Show

"Impressive stories set against the 1930s" - The Sydney Morning Herald

"There's an Evelyn-Waugh-meets-Agatha-Christie feel about this series" - The Age 

"Aquaint yourself with Rowly and his friends as they live their luxurious, turbulent lives." - The Australian Women's Weekly

"Before the engine on Rowly's Mercedes has cooled, the young artist is embroiled in scandal... rollicking tales" - The Sun-Herald

"Daring adventure with a cracking plot, peopled by characters who will charm your pants off" - The Age

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