Melanie Casey

On any night, 1 person in 200 is homeless …

Someone is targeting Adelaide’s homeless. Men are disappearing off the streets, and body parts are turning up in a local dump.

Still haunted by her last run-in with a serial killer, Cass Lehman is trying hard to focus on the future. That’s not easy when she has the ‘gift’ of retrocognition … the ability to spontaneously re-live the last minutes of a person’s life.  

Cass and Detective Ed Dyson are now trying to make a normal home together, but when she gets entangled in Ed’s latest case things are far from normal.

A twisted tale of love, desperation and murder ... When the psychic meets the psychotic, who will come out unscathed?


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"Lots of energy, lots of suspense, and when you find out what happening to those bodies and why, you'll want to sleep with the lights on."

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Carpe Librum

"Combine this crime plot with the overarching relationship between Cass and her family (mother and grandmother) and Cass and Dyson, add a dollop of suspense and a pinch of psychic power and you have a ripping read."

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