B. Michael Radburn

A week of despair... a century of evil

Damaged but not yet broken, park ranger Taylor Bridges believes his ghosts are in the past - until a raging forest fire in an isolated canyon of The Falls lays bare the remains of a young woman… and a decade-old killing ground.

After the police enlist Taylor in their investigation, the evidence bizarrely points to a deranged preacher who reigned over The Falls a century ago.

But when a crucial witness and a policewoman disappear, it’s clear that a disciple of The Falls’ dark history is on the loose.


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Glam Adelaide

"... a gripping, page-turning adventure... Radburn is a masterful storyteller, slowly etching out his plot with deliberate patience while never slowing the pace.... reminiscent of popular writers like Dean R Koontz... Add Radburn to my favourite author’s list and get ye to The Falls."

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Newtown Review of Books

It’s damp, dark and extremely atmospheric, a setting that matches Bridges’s mood and the style of story... While character and the exploration of emotions and reactions does play an enormous part in all of Radburn’s books, there’s also a strong sense of pace as well as clever and involving plots. These books are all slightly on the darker, more reflective side, but there’s still plenty of tension and some seriously good action to keep readers alternatively guessing and perched firmly on the edge of their chairs.

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Better Reading: Weekend Read

"...a gripping novel written in multiple perspectives during the investigation with one in particular causing the hairs on your arms to stand in attention. Due to its incredibly imaginative storyline, it is the perfect weekend read that will have you pondering the week after."

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Once Upon A Book

"...engaging from the beginning and had lots of twists and turns. The characters were well developed and each was damaged in their own way making it about more than just a murder investigation... an interesting and engrossing journey."

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