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The Devil Inside by D.L. Hicks

Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Revelation 2:10

In a peaceful coastal town, a young woman is found brutally murdered, a piece of scripture held tightly in her hand. Local detective Charlotte Callaghan is put on the case, and she’s glad for the distraction – Gull Bay can be a hard place to keep a secret, and she’s holding on to a few.

After Charlotte asks her brother, Father Joseph Callaghan, about the verse, her suspicions fall on his parishioners. Then a second victim is found, along with another biblical message.

A dark betrayal is concealed within the small community. For Charlotte, there’s something personal about this case, something that threatens the very core of her beliefs. Can she unravel this mystery before it tears her town apart?

A gripping crime novel about murder, betrayal and the monsters who hide in plain sight. The Devil Inside examines the line between good and evil, and how circumstance can alter a person’s life in the blink of an eye.

‘Hicks leads the reader on a dark and darkly compelling journey that builds to a thrilling, breath-holding climax.’ – Christian White, The Nowhere Child

The Devil Inside peels open a world where evil begets evil, where none of the good guys can trust each other and the bad guy has a hell of an axe to grind. The story boasts a pair of haunted detectives, an oddly sympathetic psychopath and a wonderfully nasty sting in the tail. You’ll also find authentic police work, laser-sharp writing and uncomfortable insights into human nature.’ – Jack Heath, Hangman




About the author

D.L. Hicks is a police officer with the Victorian Police. In his twenty-five years of service he has been on the frontline of everything from drug busts to serious collisions and all manner of violent crime. He lives in Geelong with his family.

The Devil Inside is his debut novel.


The Devil Inside
D.L. Hicks

RELEASE DATE: 4 February 2020
Trade Paperback ISBN 9781925700817 $29.99 AUD | Ebook 9781925700824 $9.99 AUD
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