Submitting to WHY vs WHY™ series

Submitting to WHY vs WHY™ series

 WHY vs WHY™ is a unique series of books that tackle both sides of the hot topics that confront, confuse or trouble most people.This series aims to present everything the reader needs to know about a complex topic in an easy-to-read, jargon-free, 2-books-in-1 format... all in a handy, & pocket-sized place.The book is written by two opposing experts, each one a strong, committed and well-informed advocate.

Pantera Press’s intention in creating and publishing this series is to foster spirited and complete debate – to get people thinking and talking about issues that matter… which for most of us, have no simple, easy answers.

The first two WHY vs WHY™ books are on Nuclear Power and Gay Marriage, and are available in bookstores in Australia & NZ.Please check them out to get a flavour for the WHY vs WHY series.


What do you receive if we publish your contribution?

  • A chance to reach and convince a mainstream audience

  • A potential boost to your reputation as an expert commentator

  • The prospect of media interviews, in-store events in Australia and potentially internationally

  • Your name on the cover of and inside the book, and presence on our website as writer of one side

  • Copies of your book

  • A nominal one-off payment (A$1,000)

NB. Contributors pay us nothing either for submitting to us or being edited or published by us.


Overview of author contribution

The two opposing writers for a specific topic will each provide us with two pieces for the book, and (if they wish) a further one for our website as follows:

For the book, they will provide:

  • their main argument (which must comprise a short introduction followed by 7 distinct chapters), at a total maximum 10,000 words, and
  • (once their opponent has written his or her main argument) their rebuttal to it, at a maximum of 2,500 words.

For our website:

  • when the book is ready to be published, we will give each writer the option to submit a short (500-word maximum) rebuttal to their opponent’s original rebuttal (as it appears in the book). These extra rebuttals won’t be included in the book itself, but are intended as a tool to help generate further momentum for and conversation about the topic and the book, and will be posted online on our webpage for the book.


Next Steps

If you are keen to contribute, and believe your topic, your ideas, your expertise and your writing skills can satisfy our needs, please send us the following four things, by email to sample(at)

1) Email

In the body of your email, please copy and paste the below paragraph and fill in the relevant details:


Email Subject: “WHY vs WHY proposal”

Full name (as you would like it in the book):

Suggested WHY vs WHY topic:

Email address:

Postal address:

Phone number (with area code):

Personal website's or blog's URL (if you have one):

2) Your cover letter

In an attached cover letter, please include all of the following information:   

a) Your name and your full contact details


b) Where you heard about our WHY vs WHY series


c) Identify the ‘Why’ topic you wish to write for us on:

Write a single and punchy one-liner (one beginning with the word ‘Why’) that frames the specific debate topic you wish to suggest to us.

Examples: 'Why same-sex couples SHOULD/SHOULD NOT be allowed to marry', or 'Why we should say YES/NO to Nuclear Power’)

NB. Though we will be selective, Pantera Press is open to considering any topic no matter how contentious, whether political, moral, social, scientific, religious, or otherwise.


d) Clearly identify which "side" of that debate you wish to argue


e) Your short profile/bio

Please include a short profile (no longer than 150 words) about yourself, making it clear why you have the credentials to write this side of the book.


f) Any suggestions you may have for a worthy opponent

If you can, please provide the name and, ideally, contact details for any people you think would be worthy opponents for you; any capable and well-credentialed people you believe could be interested in writing a strong but opposing argument to yours. The stronger and more qualified your opponent, the more likely the book will attract popular attention.


3) Your detailed credentials

  • In 1 or 2 pages, but no more, please expand on why you have the expertise and the credentials to write on the particular topic and to take the particular "side" you wish to argue.

  • In particular, specify in detail your relevant academic, political, work or other qualifications and experience. Also include details of any works (eg books, book chapters, articles, op-eds) you have already had published on this topic and other topics.


  • Also please confirm that you are happy to assist us promote the books by giving media interviews, and outline your media experience to date.

4) An outline of your proposed main arguments

Please include your 7 key ‘Because’ arguments (click here to download the contents page of Why vs Why Nuclear Power to see what we mean).

Under each of your 7 ‘Because’ chapter headings, please give a tight bullet-point summary of the argument you would advance in that chapter.

Use no more than 5 bullet-points for each of the 7 chapter headings.



  • Please email submissions to us, either as .pdf files (or word documents if you are unable to save them as .pdfs)

  • Submissions must be typed on A4 (or letter-size) paper, using 1.5 or double-spacing and a common 12-point font, with a good margin all round (say 2.5cm, or 1").

  • Also, please do not submit any more than we asked for above.

  • If we select your submission, we will then explain the next steps in detail for us all to agree on.

  • If you wish to submit for more than one topic, please submit separate emails, with cover letters, credentials, and outlines (each complying with these submission requirements in full) so we can more easily compare submissions on the same topics.

 What happens after you send us your submission?

  • You will receive an email from us to confirm we have received it. (If you haven't heard from us within three weeks, please send us a follow up.)

  • We will read your submission as quickly as we can, but please be patient. We are a small team and, while we will try hard to do it faster, our speed is very dependent on the volume of submissions we receive and our production schedule of new releases.

  • We will let you know either way, so please do not contact us in the meantime after you’ve received our email acknowledgment of receipt.

  • Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot discuss submissions by phone or in person, and we cannot provide detailed editorial feedback.

  • If we want to see more of your work, we will let you know by email once we have read and considered your submission.

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