Love Your Bookshop Day 2017: Our Favourite Bookstores

As readers, it’s our chance to thank booksellers for their ongoing support and putting a roof over the heads of thousands of stories. Books wouldn’t survive without booksellers. They are the champions at the heart of publishing. In honour of Love Your Bookshop Day we asked the Pantera Press team and our authors what their favourite bookshop is. Can you narrow it down to just one?

‘There are too many Australian bookstores I love to pick one as my favourite, so I’ll mention my worldwide favourite, which is 12,000 kms away in Buenos Aires Argentina. I adore El Ateneo Grand Splendid for both its flashy grandeur and how it exists as a strong metaphor for the art of writing. A bookstore in a huge century-old domed and frescoed theatre where, when the red curtains (still there) opened, dancers stepped out the tango, silent and later sound movies flickered off the screen. To me, this store radiates an author’s core duty – to lift a story off the page and implant it visually and emotionally into a reader’s mind.’ – John Green, author


‘My favourite bookshops are the marvellous Avid Reader Bookshop and Riverbend Books, both in Brisbane. They stock a great variety of authors and books, and have knowledgeable and friendly staff. They each host excellent events, and are very supportive of the local writing community.’ – M.J. Tija, author


‘I love giant city bookshops with armies of staff which stock every book ever published. I also love the tiny country bookshop manned by a single bookseller who’s read every story in their care. I love bookshops with cafes and gifts, and bookshops in libraries and galleries as well as those that are content to stand alone as a place of books. I’m intrigued by specialist bookshops dedicated to a particular genre and bookshops which celebrate all genres. I love well designed bookshops with changing window displays as much as bookshops in which a new literary discovery is layered with dust; quiet contemplative repositories as well as loud vibrant gatherings of books. Sometimes I like slinking in anonymously and browsing undisturbed, and at other times I want to chat to the bookseller about what we’ve read recently, what’s popular and what’s good. Choosing one favourite from among these is, for me, impossible. They each speak to a different day and a different mood.’ – Sulari Gentill, author

QBD Epping, which is still my ‘local’ bookshop, although I’ve moved out of the area. Great selection of books and the manager, Peter, and his staff are always helpful and efficient in ordering anything in that they mightn’t have in stock – often, with me, that will involve older books that I’ve heard about and want to read (and own). Generally, whenever I buy books, I’ll get them from bookshops, rather than cheaper at the big chains, because I want to support bookstores.’ – Les Zig, author


Books of Buderim, because the staff are super lovely and crazy passionate about books, and the store is GORGEOUS. It’s also a community space, not just a come-and- go shop. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and read (or write!) to your heart’s content.’ – Lynette Noni, author

Berkelouw Book Barn in Berrima is a bibliophile’s dream and combines all my favourite things: new, second-hand and rare books, food, wine and an open fire.’ – Lucy, Pantera Press Staff


Kinokuniya – it’s enormous, impeccably laid out and has a ridiculously wide range.’ – Marty, Pantera Press Director


‘My favourite bookstore is Novella Fine Books, Cards & Gifts in Wahroonga – it’s a gorgeous little shop with really friendly staff. Every book I buy from there changes me; I feel enriched as a person!’ – James, Pantera Press Staff


‘Always bustling with eager readers, the Readings Carlton team are so knowledgeable and friendly. And Dymocks Hay Street will always warm my heart because we launched our very first book here back in 2010, Killing Richard Dawson by Robin Baker.’ – Alison, Pantera Press CEO


‘Friendly staff, floor to ceiling stacks of books and a top notch selection of wrapping paper, Blues Point Bookshop welcomes readers with open arms.’ – Ella, Pantera Press Staff


Better Read Than Dead in Newtown. 21 years of very impressive personal service and thought provoking events as well as a great space perfect for browsing the shelves.’ – Katy, Pantera Press Staff


‘It’s a tie! Grand Days in Woolloomooloo always feels so thoughtful, with a lovingly curated selection of books, records, clothing and collectables. Also helpful; the store is owned by the lovely Tamara, who is always warm and welcoming, and happy for you to spend hours browsing the shelves and listening to vinyls. Ampersand Café Bookstore in Paddington is also a favourite – it’s wonderfully cosy, with three stories full of books, food and coffee, and comfy reading nooks everywhere you look.’ – Elly, Pantera Press Staff