Home to the next generation of talented Australian writers, Pantera Press is proudly all about great storytelling. Our passion is publishing books readers rave about by discovering, launching and nurturing talented Australian authors who write quality fiction or non-fiction for a popular audience.

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Please note that Pantera Press does NOT accept hard copy submissions.

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Pantera Press are actively seeking well-written fiction and non-fiction, with best-seller potential and international appeal.

We want to hear from talented Australian and New Zealand authors who have a passion for writing and more than one great book in them.

Please note, we are not currently accepting picture or illustrated books, young adult fiction, chapter books or children’s books (for ages 12 and under), fantasy series, sci-fi, cookbooks, self-help books, health and well-being books, travel books, poetry, play scripts, short stories or compilations.

You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your submission. If you haven’t received this acknowledgement email after one day, please contact us at When sending an enquiry, please include the title of your manuscript, date of submission and email address used to submit.

We will read your submission as quickly as we can, but please be patient. We are a small team and our speed is dependent on the volume of submissions we receive and our production schedule of new releases. Our estimated wait-time for a submissions response is three-six months.

You will receive a response from our submissions team regardless of whether your submission is successful or not. However, owing to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot discuss submissions by telephone or in person, and we cannot provide detailed editorial feedback.

What word count should my manuscript be?

The word count of your work will depend on a number of factors, such as genre and target audience. That said, 70,000-90,000 words is a good guide.


I can’t upload my manuscript. What am I doing wrong?

Please ensure that each of the required files are in PDF format, and that you have filled out each field marked with a red asterisk on the submission form. If you are unsure how to convert your manuscript into PDF format, please use this link.

If you are still encountering issues, please contact for further assistance.


I uploaded my manuscript, but didn’t receive a confirmation email.

Our confirmation emails come from a no-reply address, please check your spam inbox. If you’re still unable to find your receipt, you can contact our submissions team at Please make sure to include the date of submission, manuscript title and the email addressed used to submit.


Do you accept manuscript proposals?

We are only looking for manuscript submissions. In the synopsis document you are welcome to include any information you feel may be relevant to your submission, however we still require a completed manuscript in addition to this.


What genres do you accept?

We are actively looking for crime, commercial fiction, commercial women’s fiction, literary fiction, thriller, historical fiction, non-fiction, biography, and memoir.

At this time we are not accepting picture or illustrated books, young adult fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, cookbooks, self-help books, health and well-being books, travel books, poetry, play scripts, short stories, compilations, chapter books or children’s books (for ages 12 and under).


Would I need to contribute financially to the production and publication of my book as a Pantera Press author?

Pantera Press authors do not contribute financially to the production of their work in any way.


Do you respond to every submission, whether it’s successful or not?

Yes, regardless of whether your work is successful you will receive a response from us within 3-6 months of your submission.


Do you give feedback when rejecting submissions?

Unfortunately, the volume of submissions we receive means we’re unable to offer feedback on each manuscript.


Do you accept previously published works?

We cannot accept manuscripts that have been previously published, either by traditional methods or through self-publishing.


Can I submit a manuscript if I have published other stories?

Yes, as long as the manuscript you are submitting has not been published elsewhere you are welcome to submit your work.


Can I submit a manuscript if I’m not an Australian or New Zealander?

We currently only accept submissions from writers living in Australia and New Zealand, or Australian or New Zealand authors living overseas.


If you reject my manuscript, can I still send you other manuscripts?

Yes, please feel free to submit any manuscript you have written.


Can I resubmit a manuscript I’ve updated after you rejected it?

We do not recommend resubmitting an old manuscript, unless it has been completely re-written. Please ensure the manuscript you submit is in a state you are happy with and avoid making changes or resubmitting once your submission has been made.


Can I submit multiple manuscripts?

Yes, but please be aware that if you submit multiple submissions to us on the same day, you will only receive one confirmation email.


Can I amend or update my submission after it has already been submitted?

It’s recommended that you submit a manuscript you are completely happy with, in its final form. However, if you would like to update your submitted work you can do so by contacting Please be aware that if you resubmit your work you will not be able to  maintain your position in the queue.


Can I withdraw my submission?

If you would like to withdraw your manuscript, please contact


Can I submit my manuscript to competitions as well?

Yes, but please make sure to inform us if you win or are shortlisted.


Where do you source your book cover illustrations?

We work with many illustrators, photographers and designers in Australia and overseas.


Do you use in-house editors or freelancers?

We use both in-house and freelance editors with extensive industry experience.



Sending us your manuscript in no way affects your copyright.