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Pantera Press acquires non-fiction book by Cameron Daddo

Pantera Press has acquired World rights to a new non-fiction book by award-winning actor, presenter and singer-songwriter Cameron Daddo from Cathy Baker at CMC Talent Management.

Part memoir and part roadmap to building personal confidence, in this as-yet-untitled work Daddo will weave together stories from his own life and interviews with psychology experts and inspiring Australians. This is a book about failure as much as it’s about success, about expectations and dashed hopes and dreams, and about how we can rally when we feel we have nothing left to give.

Those who know Daddo from his career in the Australian entertainment scene might be surprised to learn that he grew up lacking confidence – a stutterer as a young kid, then an ordinary student and uni dropout, then facing all the rejections that life as an actor entails. Despite decades of public success, Daddo still struggles with self-esteem and anxiety. In this book, Daddo will tackle the beast head on and demonstrate lessons learned first-hand about overcoming seemingly immovable obstacles to unlock your most confident self.

The book will feature interviews with some of Australia’s most high-profile performers, business leaders and elite athletes to demonstrate the wide-ranging approaches to confidence that are demanded of people in high-performance fields – and how we can apply lessons from these experiences in our own everyday lives. Readers will discover pathways to confidence through key themes such as: ego versus confidence; impostor syndrome; fear of failure; recovering your nerve; and having an advocate.

Daddo says, ‘I am so pleased to be working with Pantera Press on my first book, a deep dive into the idea of confidence. Despite how things might appear on the outside, all my life I’ve struggled with being able to tell myself “I can”, and it’s only in recent years that I’ve been learning how to find my way back to myself. With this book, I hope to similarly take readers on an authentic journey towards being their best, most confident selves.’

Commissioning Editor Tom Langshaw says, ‘In this book, filled with remarkable moments of self-discovery and curiosity about the inner lives of others, Cameron shows a whole new side to someone who many Australians think they already know. It’s both a rousing call and practical guide for people to find confidence from within, and I’m thrilled to be working with Cameron to connect this important book with readers.’

Multi-talented Cameron Daddo has been a part of the Australian entertainment scene since the late ’80s. He rose to prominence as the youngest prime-time game show host in Aussie TV history for Perfect Match and continues to work in various mediums as an actor, broadcaster and singer-songwriter. In recent years, Daddo has dedicated much of his work to help shed light on men’s mental health through his non-profit organisation My Men’s Team.

The book will be published in late 2024.


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