Pantera Press express solidarity with Writing NSW post image

Pantera Press express solidarity with Writing NSW

We at Pantera Press are devastated to learn that the future of Writing NSW is at risk following a decision by Create NSW to discontinue its long-term funding. We wish to express our solidarity with Writing NSW’s staff, instructors and members.

We were also dismayed to see that the literature sector received just 5% of total long-term Create NSW funding.

Pantera Press is a long-time supporter of Writing NSW and the crucial work they do as one of the largest employers of writers in Australia. Writing NSW provides integral support to writers across the state, with dedicated programs for Indigenous, culturally diverse, and regional writers.

Ali Green, Pantera Press CEO, said: ‘Too often we take the arts for granted and, if anything, this pandemic has shown us how critical the arts are to our communities as we endure isolation, lockdowns and uncertainty. It’s through the arts that we connect.’

‘During 2020 we have seen the arts bring comfort, greater understanding of our experiences, and a much-needed escape. Books, television, music, virtual concerts and events have been key to our mental health and wellness during this most difficult year.’

For the government to defund arts and literature organisations in the midst of a global pandemic that has already placed them under significant financial strain is ruinous. Now more than ever our literature sector requires the resources to continue innovating and adapting while serving our communities.

We sincerely hope that Create NSW will reconsider this decision or find alternative funding to ensure that the vital work of Writing NSW can continue.