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Pantera Press to publish Skysong by C.A. Wright

A beautiful, lyrical retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale.

Oriane is the skylark, and the sun only rises if she wills it.

Every morning, she transforms from woman to bird, calling the dawn with her song. Seclusion has kept her safe her whole life – but it has also left her lonely, and craving freedom. When Oriane finally succumbs to the lure of the wild unknown, she is discovered in the gardens of the royal palace, where she is taken in by the king and treated like a goddess – and a prisoner.

Embroiled in a battle of faith and politics, Oriane yearns to return to her safe, simple life. A growing danger surrounds the palace, and the skylark and her gift are at its centre. But within the whispers, Oriane learns something she never expected: she may not be as alone as she thought. There may be another like her.

The nightingale.

Kate Cuthbert, Editorial Director at Pantera Press, says: ‘Skysong captured me from the first paragraph, a lyrical, emotional, affecting story of power and politics, friendship and family, and how the vulnerability of love can bring courage and strength. I can’t wait to share CA’s beautiful story with readers.’

C.A. Wright said, ‘I’m beyond thrilled that my debut novel has found a home with Pantera Press. I’m so grateful to Kate Cuthbert and the Pantera team for their support and enthusiasm for this book, and for their help in shaping it into something I’m excited to share with readers this year.’

C.A. Wright is a fantasy author from Newcastle, NSW. As a freelance editor, she’s worked with loads of writers to help bring their books to readers, and is thrilled to be joining the author club herself with her debut in 2024.

Skysong will be published in October 2024.


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