Chasing The Sun

Robin Baker

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Chasing The Sun

Robin Baker

The best indie book of all time by Robin Baker.

‘The best way to blend in is to stand out.’

A twisted tale about feng shui, vampires, drinking, pet psychiatry, genocide, belief and mortality.

In this darkly comic, slow-burn thriller, nothing is as it seems. A nightclub opening becomes a fight for life and the discovered fountain of youth hides a movement to exterminate a race.

Chasing the Sun’s twenty-something protagonist and narrator, Honda, is a disgruntled, cocaine-addicted con-man posing as a feng shui expert. He’s also a vampire. His nightclub-loving friends are also vampires, apart from single mother, Rain. When Rain dies, Honda is the only one left to protect her young daughter, Dip, who brings him face to face with his mortality and morality.


“A darkly comic, slow-burn fantasy thriller…  superbly brilliant… drawn from the very first page…” – Dymocks Hay St

Robin Baker

Robin Baker

Robin Baker

A young, former English teacher, turned funeral director.

Knows death. Lives in Perth, Australia.

Killing Richard Dawson was his debut novel. His second novel is Chasing the Sun, a dark coming-of-age comedy about feng shui, exorcism, pet psychiatry, belief & mortality.


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“…tight and fast-paced… a darkly comic take on contemporary society. It will appeal to lovers of urban fantasies who like moral questions that stay with them long after the book is finished.”

“A darkly comic, slow-burn fantasy thriller…  superbly brilliant… drawn from the very first page… Robin’s clever wit also had me highly amused…writing style is so refreshing… doesn’t bog down the story with unnecessary detail…”

“Robin Baker’s penetrating insight into a dark world where death is never far away transcends the revulsion of blood-feasting orgies to elicit sympathy for a race facing extermination.”