Spring Clean for the Peach Queen

Sasha Wasley

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Published: 30/03/2021
ISBN: 9780648676942
Genre: Commercial Women's Fiction
Pages: 480
RRP: $29.99

Spring Clean for the Peach Queen

Sasha Wasley

‘A heart-grabbing Aussie story that doesn’t shy away from exploring complex family relationships, Spring Clean for the Peach Queen is a book to savour.’ – Rachael Johns

‘Reading Spring Clean For The Peach Queen feels like taking a breath of fresh country air. This joyous novel truly is a spring clean for the soul.’  – Joanna Nell, author of The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village


Twelve years had passed since the last Harvest Ball.
I was just eighteen when my hometown crowned me their Peach Queen with a blossom coronet. And I was eighteen when I left.

One tanked career, one badly timed glamour shoot and one dead boyfriend later, thirty-year-old Lottie Bentz is finally going home.

Back in the orchard town of Bonnievale, Lottie embarks on a radical declutter of her life, Marie Kondo-style. She casts out everything that got her into trouble: her phone, socials, make-up and a tendency to tell little white lies – to herself and others. But home has its own issues, not least Lottie’s staunchly feminist mother, who is furious with her.

When Lottie lands herself a place to stay in exchange for helping kindly Mrs Brooker try out the Kondo method, it seems like the perfect farm escape. That’s until Angus, Lottie’s former Peach King and heir to the Brooker orchards, makes it clear she’s not welcome – especially when Lottie’s declutter begins to stir up long buried memories and half-truths.

As Lottie finds her way back to herself, can she use her talents to coax Bonnievale and the Brookers out of the past? After all, everyone deserves to feel love, hope and the occasional spark of joy.


‘I loved this deeply moving, relevant novel from a wonderful Australian storyteller about family, the ties that bind, chasing dreams, and what home really means. All the feels!’ – Tess Woods

‘A moving and engaging read from the first page to the last. Couldn’t put it down.’ – Jennie Jones

Sasha Wasley

Sasha Wasley

Sasha Wasley

Sasha Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. She completed a PhD in feminist literature at Murdoch University in 2006, and went on to work as a copywriter on topics ranging from mine safety to sex therapy.

Sasha’s debut novel was published in 2015, after which she gave up her copywriting business to pursue her fiction writing career.

Sasha is passionate about levelling the playing field for members of the community experiencing disadvantage. She is an Ambassador for the Books in Homes Australia charity which provides books of choice for children in disadvantaged circumstances to keep in their home libraries. Today, she lives and writes in the Perth hills region with her partner and two daughters. A lover of animals, Sasha spends her free time pottering in the garden with her flock of backyard chickens.

Sasha is the author of Spring Clean for the Peach Queen (2021) and A Caravan like a Canary (2022).


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Spring Clean for the Peach Queen is a soft, slow-paced read that feels like self-care in 2021.’

‘Wasley is a master of nuance.’