Born to Run

John M. Green

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Born to Run

John M. Green

A gripping edge-of-your-seat best-selling political thriller from Australian author John M. Green.

Murder, terror and treason.

Isabel Diaz is set to be the first woman to win the White House.

But her chances plummet when a Muslim protégé is accused of syphoning funds to terrorists and, seemingly unrelated, a young Australian software whizz is tossed off a London skyscraper.

Then, when a TV journalist digs up a dark secret from Isabel’s past, her presidential hopes shatter.

With the public stunned, and only days before the vote, terrorists use the Australian’s stolen software to launch a daring attack on New York City.

Isabel Diaz is born to run.

But can she win… and should she…?


John M. Green has a talent for capturing the complexity and fears of today’s times, and ramping them up a few notches to create seemingly unimaginable yet believable scenarios across political, technological and financial terrains.

Described as a “cracking political thriller”, John likes to look at big issues around us and ask the ‘What if…?’ questions. In BORN TO RUN he has woven them together into an explosive and compelling tale.

“A spectacular political thriller… it kept me up nights.” – P. J. O’Rourke


John M. Green

John M. Green

John M. Green

John M. Green is the author of Framed, Double Deal, The Tao Deception, The Trusted, Born to Run and Nowhere Man. He left his day job as a banker two years before the global financial crisis – enough of a lag so no one could accuse him of starting the whole mess! He wrote his first novel about it.

His childhood years roaming the back alleys of Sydney’s infamous Kings Cross set the stage for his later careers, in law and finance. He became a partner in two major law firms and then an executive director in a leading investment bank.

His interests straddle writing, the arts, business and philanthropy: he is or has been a director of numerous organisations, listed and unlisted, including cyber-security, financial services, education, engineering, publishing and not-for-profits. He’s been a Council Member of the National Library of Australia and a director of two publishing houses. He’s also an aficionado of magic and mentalism. He lives in Sydney with his wife, the sculptor Jenny Green.


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“A spectacular political thriller… it kept me up nights.”

“… It is a gripping political thriller which moves at a cracking pace and is, quite simply, impossible to put down… a suspenseful and thrilling page-turner… Green keeps us guessing until the very end… Born to Run has all the ingredients to set Green even further on the path to international repute as a compelling writer of master thrillers.”

“… more than a book about a presidential race, more than a tour de force of blind alleys and intrigue. It defines the best tradition of thriller writing, with knife-edge moments and arresting prose, a cut above the usual airport novel… [Green’s] ability to transport his readers into unfamiliar worlds… one has to hope that Born To Run doesn’t make next year’s race for the White House dull by comparison.”

“A cracking political thriller… Green’s meticulously researched novel draws readers in from the outset… the action is relentless as the past-paced plot heats up… It all makes for a tense series of chapters leading up to a terrific climax. VERDICT: Fast-paced plot and well-written.”

“…thrill-a-minute saga… Green keeps you guessing.”

“…a naked grab for power is turned into a superb piece of drama and political intrigue…well-crafted as it is eminently believable. With the sophistication of John le Carré and the pace of Jeffrey Archer… a 21st century story of treason and betrayal.”

“Teasing echoes of real people… John’s success in capturing the tone of American politics… rather in the way that The West Wing does… Quite brilliant, quite a devious twist…It is bigger than real life… more than a rattling good thriller. It will keep you biting your nails, and staying up to finish one more chapter. It flings in our faces certain big challenges about the American political system. I don’t want to embarrass John but this had elements that reminded me of the young John le Carré… Major marks, John, for capturing the tone of American politics and for a plot line that will keep your readers guessing.”

“WARNING: Fasten your seatbelts & please remain seated for the duration of this thrilling ride… you’ll find it impossible to put down.”

“A really fast paced suspense thriller…Don’t start it at 10pm unless you are prepared for a very long night/early morning because it is really difficult to put down… A slick lean pacy read…Right from page 1 the action begins…”

“It’s what used to be called a ‘ripping yarn’. The pace is cracking and it’s a great read.”

“I liked the political, legal and personal twists … the story was well delivered, tight and paced …an entertaining style… forward momentum and some great scenarios pulling the reader into it…James Bond at times.”

“I’m in awe of Green’s ability to construct such a complex web in his mind and then transfer it to paper in a way that is convincing, unpredictable and seamless… and I loved the ending… A great read.”

“John M. Green is the new Michael Crichton… but better!”