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Rebecca Freeborn

 ‘The invisible thread between them tightened, strengthened, bound them together. And now she was walking towards him, about to become his wife, and there was nothing in the world that could sever that thread.’

Ali and Tom are the perfect couple. They both have successful careers and are still madly in love after ten years. But when they are told their unborn baby has died, their picture-perfect life is shattered.

Faced with an empty room, the prospect of catching up with friends and returning to work, Ali feels her control over the reality she wanted slipping further and further away.

When Ali’s irresponsible mother re-enters her life, Ali discovers secrets from a past she’d forgotten ever existed.

Will Ali and Tom ever be able to find their way back to each other? And will Ali find a way to move forward without letting go of her memories?

Available as:

  • First Edition
    Published 15/7/2019 ISBN 978-1-925700-37-4

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with a husband, three kids, a dog, a cat, a horse, more books than she can fit in her bookcase and an ever-diminishing wine collection.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Communications and now works as a communications and content editor for the South Australian Government where she screams into the void against passive voice and unnecessary capitalisation.

Rebecca loves strong, witty female characters, and wrote Hot Pursuit because she wanted to escape the focus on fashion and personal appearance that is so common in contemporary women’s fiction. Her second book, Misconception, explores the silence around stillbirth and miscarriage.

She writes before the sun comes up and spends her moments of spare time reading novels and feminist articles and compulsively checking Facebook.


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More about the author

“An emotionally charged read, visceral and deep, the book tackles challenging themes and sheds a light on stories that often go unheard.”

“This is Rebecca Freeborn’s second novel, and in it she sets herself up as an author to watch. Polished writing, beautifully drawn characters and a remarkable capacity to combine both heartbreak and hope into this unputdownable book. Misconception is a must-read.”

Misconception digs right to the heart of the silence that surrounds pregnancy and infant loss, capturing the loneliness, confusion and anger that bubbles up.”