Hot Pursuit

Rebecca Freeborn

Hot Pursuit

Rebecca Freeborn

A missing rockstar, a suspected murderer on the run, and a chase through some of the world’s most romantic destinations

Sarah Burrowes is left with a shattered heart and a huge mortgage after the love of her life abruptly runs out on her.

An aspiring journalist, Sarah spends her days slaving away at a gossip magazine – far from her dream job.

Heartbroken and fed up, Sarah decides to take her career by the reins and lands herself the assignment of a lifetime in Europe. But there’s a catch—her boss pairs her with gorgeous but egocentric photographer, Nick, who just happens to be her ex’s best friend.

But when Sarah’s assignment takes a darker turn, she discovers there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Is she ready to risk everything to get the scoop?


“…it has everything I want in a novel – rock stars, glamour, gossip and a twist or two.” – Sam Still Reading

Available as:

  • First Edition
    Published 2018-05-01 ISBN 978-1-921997-85-3

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn

Rebecca Freeborn lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with a husband, three kids, a dog, a cat, a horse, more books than she can fit in her bookcase and an ever-diminishing wine collection.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Communications and now works as a communications and content editor for the South Australian Government where she screams into the void against passive voice and unnecessary capitalisation.

Rebecca loves strong, witty female characters, and wrote Hot Pursuit because she wanted to escape the focus on fashion and personal appearance that is so common in contemporary women’s fiction. Her second book, Misconception, explores the silence around stillbirth and miscarriage.

She writes before the sun comes up and spends her moments of spare time reading novels and feminist articles and compulsively checking Facebook.


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“…[Burrowes] endearing antics and ambitions make Hot Pursuit a perfect holiday read.”

“…it has everything I want in a novel – rock stars, glamour, gossip and a twist or two.”

“[Hot Pursuit] whips along at a cracking pace, matched only by the cracking jibes that fly between Nick and Sarah. The writing is top-grade, dialogue witty and descriptions of food will make your mouth water.”

“If you’re looking for that perfect summer holiday getaway read I can highly recommend Rebecca Freeborn’s Hot Pursuit.”