The Dreaming Path

Paul Callaghan

Indigenous Thinking to Change Your Life

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Published: 03/01/2024
ISBN: 9780645624540
Genre: Non-fiction
RRP: 24.99

The Dreaming Path

Paul Callaghan

Indigenous Thinking to Change Your Life

The national bestseller and winner of the 2023 Australian Book Industry Small Publisher Book of the Year


Tired of going around in circles?

The Dreaming Path has always been there, but in the modern-day world, it can be hard to find. There are so many demands on us – family, health, bills, a mortgage, a career – that it can be hard to remember what’s most important: you.

It’s time to reconnect with your story.

Through conversations, exercises, Dreaming stories and key messages, in The Dreaming Path Paul Callaghan and Uncle Paul Gordon share knowledge that reveals the power of Aboriginal spirituality as a profound source of contentment and wellbeing for anyone willing to listen.

Themed chapters that bring together Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal worldviews invite you to reflect on:

  • Caring for our place and the importance of story
  • Relationships, sharing and unity
  • Love, gratitude and humility
  • Learning and living your truth
  • Inspiration and resilience
  • Being present and healing from the past
  • Contentment
  • Leading

Are you ready to connect with the Dreaming Path – to heal, renew and live a good story? This book will be an important first step.

‘Beautiful storytelling. Every Australian needs to read this book.’ Hugh van Cuylenburg, author of The Resilience Project

‘This book is a must for every family home, with so many tips, tools and stories that will relate to everyone who reads. It’s a peek inside the life of the “old ways”, which have the potential to unite a country.’ Joe Williams, advocate and author of Defying the Enemy Within

‘I love this beautiful book. The wisdom of Aboriginal ways of thinking and acting are outlined in context of our modern world leadership challenges. The insights of Paul Callaghan – an Aboriginal man with leadership in Western organizations – are like leaves of practical input floating down a quiet stream of wisdom. It’s not a harsh, angry rejection of Western views and practices; it’s a gentle walk to a better view. The insights about leadership are powerful and timely. This should be required reading for anyone entering a leadership position in any walk of life.’ Dr Bruce Perry, co-author with Oprah Winfrey of the #1 New York Times bestselling book What Happened to You?

‘In a period when so many questions have been asked – about family, belonging, sustainability and purpose – this book reminds us that the answers are and have always been right in front of us. Aboriginal spirituality, culture and traditions have been practised and handed down for thousands upon thousands of years, since the beginning of time. They have been designed to help us heal and survive. There are important lessons here for all of us to learn.’ Brooke Boney

‘A must-read guide for thriving in modern life that draws on more than 60,000 years of culture and wisdom. It’s humbling to be trusted with some of the sacred knowledge of First Nations peoples on this continent.’ Osher Günsberg


Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people, located on the coast of New South Wales just north of Newcastle.

For many years he has held senior executive positions in Aboriginal- and non-Aboriginal-related service areas, but eventually his desire to focus on community and individual wellbeing compelled him to start his own business.

In addition to consultancy work, Paul is a motivational speaker, a storyteller, a dancer and an author. His first book, Iridescence: Finding Your Colours and Living Your Story, published in 2014, has received numerous, heartfelt testimonials from around the world. In 2019 his manuscript of a novel titled Coincidence was shortlisted for the inaugural Daisy Utemorrah Award. The shortlisting inspired Paul to undertake a PhD in Creative Practice, for which he has written a second novel, titled Consequence.

Paul’s passions are driven by his belief in the power of story to create a better world.

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