Book Two: The Betrothed series

Wanda Wiltshire

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Book Two: The Betrothed series

Wanda Wiltshire

Darkness. Two Worlds. Three Loves.

Having returned home, Marla seems to quickly forget her Faery Prince, Leif… And strangely, she starts seeing her best friend Jack in a different way…

Tensions mount within this doomed love triangle after Leif, unwilling to part with his betrothed, strikes a deal with his father, the fiery King Telophy, to travel to Earth to win Marla back.

Meanwhile in the enchanting land of Faera, more and more of King Telophy’s subjects are vanishing – victims of a shadowy presence.

Leif flies back to Faera, with Marla and Jack to help vanquish this deadly threat.

Shifting shadows, bonds of blood, and with their lives in danger … Marla is conflicted, relying on both Leif and Jack for support.

But who will she choose?

And can the three save Faera in time?


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  • First Edition
    Published 2014-07-01 ISBN 978-1-921997-37-2

Wanda Wiltshire

Wanda Wiltshire

Wanda Wiltshire

Wanda Wiltshire - Author of The Betrothed Series- has long been a lover of reading and writing.

As  a child she was often found spellbound with a novel stashed beneath her desk or tucked between the pages of her geography book.  Alternatively she could be found sketching or penning poetry during maths and science lessons.

Wanda has also always been an incurable dreamer, her school reports a testament to her pastime of staring out of classroom windows.

But now she is long grown and finally found her passion for writing novels, Wanda puts her daydreaming to good use, spending many long and satisfying moments gazing across the sea cavorting with fairies and other magical creatures as she develops scenes and storylines for her latest work.

Betrothed is the first book in the series, an exciting story of a girl caught between two worlds — Earth and the enchanting land of Faera. Allegiance is the second book, Confused the third and Telophy the forth.


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“…a beautifully fantastical world and story… Allegiance is a wonderful continuation from Betrothed… a magical YA fantasy series.”

“Full of twists and turns… a good read for anyone after a good fantasy romance with a little more zing to it.”

“…will appeal to readers who loved the Twilight series…darkness and tension…”