Blackwater Moon

B. Michael Radburn

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Blackwater Moon

B. Michael Radburn

Andy Walker, son, lover and an ex-soldier, knows tragedy is only ever a heartbeat away.

When an inmate escapes from the prison farm upriver and abducts Nathan, a child Andy has vowed to protect after losing his own son years before, Andy Walker discovers that the escapee is a dark figure from his past, the devil who changed his life, the man who introduced him to ‘The Game’.

Blackwater may keep just one more secret…


“Plenty of suspense…” – The Australian

“…guaranteed to send shivers down spines.” – Sunday Tasmanian

B. Michael Radburn

B. Michael Radburn

B. Michael Radburn

B. Michael Radburn - Author of The Taylor Bridges Series and Blackwater Moon.

Radburn is a self-professed bloke from the “wrong side of the tracks”, whose fall into writing offered an escape from the fatal attraction of drugs and alcohol. Wonderful high school teachers made him realise that writing, when shared, offered faith in one’s self.

Writing from his farm in the hauntingly beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, his work reflects both natural and supernatural environs. Described as “Ian Rankin meets Stephen King”, Radburn is the author of three full-length novels: The CrossingBlackwater Moon and The Falls.

Radburn loves his family, jamming out the blues and his motorcycle! He also loves giving back and inspiring others from all walk of life – his Harley Davidson chapter (Sydney HOG) works with Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets program.

Radburn uses these opportunities to talk to youth living rough in Sydney – offering reading and writing as “therapy” and sharing his own teenage experiences.


Photo credit: Macey Radburn

More about the author

“Stephen King meets Honey Brown meets Jon Clinch and Mark Twain… What an amazing read…”

“Really shouldn’t start these sorts of books late on a Sunday night. Means you miss out on too much sleep because it’s nearly impossible to put down…”

“… a crime fiction/ thriller focus. Atmospheric, emotional, poignant and tightly controlled… a strong sense of loss, of struggle, and of the potential outcome of background and circumstance… The tension in Blackwater Moon is multi-level – an external threat, the ‘Game’ and its perpetrator, the internal threat of what life has done to Andy Walker… Needless to say, Blackwater Moon is clever. It’s sad, uplifting, poignant, worrying, touching and provides more than a little insight into life, love and the whole damn thing.”

“… an impressively creepy story… hints of Huckleberry Finn and Jasper Jones… This book is an accomplished and beautifully written… Great writing and an insidious plot make this story one that is truly memorable. An author to watch.”

“I thought I knew what the climax was building towards early on in the novel and pretty much thought I had the plot ‘sussed’ but boy was I wrong!  Blackwater Moon is dark but also beautiful and the author isn’t afraid to write characters out that in other novels would be best supporting characters for the duration of the book. In Radburn’s hands, these characters (e.g. a likeable policemen) make way for others who come in and quickly take their place in the reader’s hearts; it’s daring but it works! … I thoroughly enjoyed Blackwater Moon, and I hope B. Michael Radburn continues to write in this style going forward.”

“…terrifying novel… beautifully evocative…original authentic Australian novel. Disturbingly dark, with brilliantly-created characters, it builds with great tension to a gripping climax. A wonderfully intelligent storyline, the tension is both palpable and profound. With echoes of Stephen King’s horror and all the ingredients of first class crime fiction, Blackwater Moon is a superb tale of secrets and redemption, and of the choices we make out of desperation, fear or just plain, simple bravery… Radburn was said by some critics to be one worth watching. It’s time to stop watching and start reading.”

“… it has suspense in spades, but what most comes through is physicality, and place.”

Blackwater Moon chills the reader to the bone, but it is a compelling story.”

“Radburn excites the unique Australian sense of wistfulness in this story. His beautiful and cleverly crafted words, although pre-empting something darker and more threatening, illuminate the sights and sounds of a safer and much less sophisticated Australia in a gripping crime thriller… capturing your attention for a thrilling ride that is, at times, alarmingly dark but always authentic… excellent Australian story heartrending, stirring, emotional, nerve-racking and all at once tender.”

“Almost more a coming of age tale…  It reads like the work of a well-established author though, taking some risks with literary conventions and managing to pull them off successfully. The first person narrative works well for the kind of deeply personal story… story is a compelling one… I was reminded of American stories such as Stephen King’s The Body and Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn... It’s quite hard to talk about this book because there is so much I would consider a spoiler. I was lucky enough to come to Blackwater Moon with absolutely no preconceived ideas about it and I think you should get to do the same should you care to. I found it a gently compelling novel, with a terrific central character and several genuine surprises.”

“…part crime fiction, part thriller, again presenting men in the extremes of emotion. The benefits of men mentoring boys, and friendship and guidance from unlikely places are all beautifully explored, creating a story with heart, soul and real feeling.”