Double Deal

John M. Green

Double Deal Cover Image

Published: 03/08/2021
ISBN: 9780648676928
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 448
RRP: $29.99

Double Deal

John M. Green

‘The real deal. John M. Green knows his way around a thriller.’  MICHAEL CONNELLY, #1 New York Times bestselling author
‘The twists hurtle in too fast for the reader to duck.’  JACK HEATH, award-winning author of Hangman


You can run from a killer – unless the killer is you …

In top-secret talks in Barcelona, ex-spy Dr Tori Swyft seals a landmark deal over the Arctic that sends Washington DC and Moscow reeling. The next morning, she wakes beside two dead bodies …

A nameless voice phones her, taunting her and revealing a shocking video that shows Tori as the murderer. Yet she has no memory of what happened.

With Spanish police converging at her door, Tori flees, in a race against time to find The Voice and prove her innocence – before it’s too late.


‘You need to read this one.’  STEVE BERRY, New York Times bestselling author

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John M. Green

John M. Green

John M. Green

Author of Born to Run, Nowhere Man and the Tori Swyft series.

When it dawned on John that what got him up in the morning was writing, not his day job, he quit the job. That was after 30 years in executive life. He was then an executive director in a leading investment bank. Earlier, he’d been a partner in 2 major law firms, and a director of a publishing house.

John's also a well-known business writer and commentator. His pieces have appeared in a variety of Australian and overseas publications including: ABC Drum Online, Company Director, Business Spectator, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Age, The Bulletin, and the UK’s Financial Times.

As well as writing, John's on the governing council of the National Library of Australia, is a board member of two stock-exchange-listed corporations and not-for-profits, as well as a co-founder of Pantera Press. He lives in Sydney with his wife, a sculptor.


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‘An up-to-the-minute rollercoaster ride of a thriller which will have you wanting more and questioning what you see on the internet.’ *4 stars*

‘With Double Deal John M. Green is at the very top of his game. A rampaging political thriller set in an all too real but terrifying scenario. Exciting fiction at its finest from Pantera Press.’