Give The Devil His Due

Book 7: The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries

Sulari Gentill

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Released November 1 2015

Give The Devil His Due

Book 7: The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries

Sulari Gentill

When Rowland Sinclair is invited to take his yellow Mercedes onto the Maroubra Speedway, popularly known as the Killer Track, he agrees without caution or reserve.

But then people start to die…

The body of a journalist covering the race is found in a House of Horrors, an English blueblood with Blackshirt affiliations is killed on the race track… and it seems that someone has Rowland in their sights.

A strange young reporter preoccupied with black magic, a mysterious vagabond,  an up-and-coming actor by the name of Flynn, and ruthless bookmakers all add mayhem to the mix.

With danger presenting at every turn, and the brakes long since disengaged, Rowland Sinclair hurtles towards disaster with an artist, a poet and brazen sculptress along for the ride.

Book 7 in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series

Available as:

  • First Edition
    Published 2015-11-01 ISBN 978-1-921997-57-0
  • Second Edition
    Published 01/09/2017 ISBN 9781921997839

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill - Author of the award-winning and best-selling Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, the Greek mythology adventure series The Hero Trilogy, and winner of the Best Crime award at the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards, Crossing the Lines.

Award-winning author Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, graduated in law, and then abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts.

Born in Sri Lanka, Sulari learned to speak English in Zambia, grew up in Brisbane and now lives in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of NSW where, with her historian husband, she grows French black truffles, cares for a variety of animals and raises two wild colonial boys. Sulari also paints, but only well enough to know she should write, preferably in her pyjamas.


Photo credit: Erica Murray

More about the author

“Another immensely enjoyable read from Sulari Gentill. While losing none of its pleasure, the Rowland Sinclair series has an increasingly menacing undercurrent.”

Give the Devil His Due was a thoroughly enjoyable instalment of the Rowland Sinclair series, and one that had me on edge… just as any good Rowly story does.”

“Sulari Gentill’s passion for this era is obvious on every page. The tone, style and colour of this narrative paints an evocative and very visual account of Australian society in the 1930’s…A great read.”

“How delightful to come across this work by Sulari Gentill… The novel engrosses the reader with a complex plot, murder, skulduggery, adultery and scandal, yet it is presented in a style that mirrors the period in which it is set.”

“Author Angela Savage’s nominations for (home-grown) crime fiction are extensive…[she] recommends Sulari Gentill’s latest Rowland Sinclair novel that’s set in 1930s Sydney, Give the Devil His Due. ‘Not so gritty but very witty.”’

“As is always the way with the Rowland Sinclair books, Give the Devil His Due combines humour, sadness, thrills and spills with entertainment…”

“This 1930s Sydney is vibrant and authentic, and the inclusion of a relevant newspaper cutting at the beginning of each chapter is a neat touch… in order to get the best value out of this highly original series with its quirky characters… seek out the earlier titles and follow them in sequence.”

“I’ve been slow to become a fan of this increasingly popular historical crime series… but with book No.7, I have firmly joined the club. Rowly and his friends are excellent company on an adventure-packed romp… Loads of real people and events add to the fun. Verdict: devil of a good read.”

“This is a great addition to a fun Australian mystery series… a fast-paced and captivating novel set during a turbulent period in Australia’s history. Containing an intriguing mystery, a unique sense of humour and a range of historical characters, this is a highly recommended read for lovers of Australian fiction.”

“If you haven’t tried one of these delightful stories yet, do yourself a favour and start right now. They’re the perfect holiday read – a great blend of historical fiction, gentle crime and humour.”

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