The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries

Sulari Gentill

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The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries

Sulari Gentill

The Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series

Book 1: A Few Right Thinking Men

Book 2: A Decline in Prophets

Book 3: Miles Off Course

Book 4: Paving the New Road

Book 5: Gentlemen Formerly Dressed

Book 6: A Murder Unmentioned

Book 7: Give the Devil his Due

Book 8: A Dangerous Language

Book 9: All the Tears in China

Book 10: A Testament of Character

The Award-Winning Rowland Sinclair Mystery Series by Sulari Gentill is a charming historical crime series, set in the 1930s in Australia and overseas. Each novel can be read as a stand alone story, or as part of the series.

Rowland, the youngest of the respectable and influential Sinclair family, has a talent for scandal.  His family consider him the blacksheep, because he is an artist and associates with the ‘riff raff’ of society – Milton, Clyde and of course Edna, the beautiful bohemian sculptress (and his love interest).

These four companions continue to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time – playing amateur detectives while stumbling across murder and mayhem, all set to the glamourous and darkening backdrop of the 1930s.

What people are saying about the Rowland Sinclair Series:

‘This wiley detective makes us think of Miss Marple or Inspector Poirot…’ – ABC Radio National’s The Book Show

‘Impressive stories set against the 1930s’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

‘There’s an Evelyn-Waugh-meets-Agatha-Christie feel about this series’ – The Age

‘Aquaint yourself with Rowly and his friends as they live their luxurious, turbulent lives.’ – The Australian Women’s Weekly

‘Before the engine on Rowly’s Mercedes has cooled, the young artist is embroiled in scandal… rollicking tales’ – The Sun-Herald

‘Daring adventure with a cracking plot, peopled by characters who will charm your pants off.’ – The Age


Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill - Author of the award-winning and best-selling Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, the Greek mythology adventure series The Hero Trilogy, and winner of the Best Crime award at the 2018 Ned Kelly Awards, Crossing the Lines.

Award-winning author Sulari Gentill set out to study astrophysics, graduated in law, and then abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts.

Born in Sri Lanka, Sulari learned to speak English in Zambia, grew up in Brisbane and now lives in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of NSW where, with her historian husband, she grows French black truffles, cares for a variety of animals and raises two wild colonial boys. Sulari also paints, but only well enough to know she should write, preferably in her pyjamas.


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More about the author

“Witty dialogue, lively characters, and a shrewd political awareness of the times.”

“…historically correct, gripping, no-holds barred novel… an enjoyable read for young and old.”

“…Gentill has created a delightful, easy to read series complete with gorgeous covers. Do yourself a favour & give one a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

“…a beguiling and congenial cast of characters… Gentill mixes them all in a tasty package of murder, suspense and delight, blending real events and people with her colorful characters.”

“The Rowly Sinclair series just gets better and better.”

“…storytelling with vitality and gusto in a very fine series set during turbulent times.”