Just Another Week in Suburbia

Les Zig

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Published: 01/09/2017
ISBN: 9781921997846
Genre: Literary Fiction
Pages: 336
RRP: $29.99

Just Another Week in Suburbia

Les Zig

Casper Gray goes to bed a happily married man.

He wakes up questioning whether everything is a lie.

Life in suburbia holds few surprises for Casper. He and his wife Jane are still trying for a baby after seven years. His neighbours have their quirks to be navigated. And his job as a high school teacher, while satisfying, comes with its challenges.

Every day is much like the one before – that is, until Casper makes a discovery that threatens everything he knows…

As Casper’s fears grow into obsessions, his world starts to unravel.

Just Another Week in Suburbia is a story about love, trust, and insecurity, and the question of whether you can ever really know another person.


“… well-written, well-paced… compelling insight that feel true to life.” – Sydney Morning Herald

Les Zig

Les Zig

Les Zig

Les Zig - Author of Just Another Week in Suburbia, a 2017 Must-Read Literary Novel.

Les has been telling stories since he was a kid, lying to get out of trouble. As a teenager, he worked out he could put his imagination to use telling stories, although this took a number of different forms. As he’s grown older, he’s had stories and articles published in various print and digital journals, screenplays optioned, and written one whole poem.

He’s now interested in exploring the human psyche — from the fears, quirks, and neuroses that drive us, to the dynamics of how people interact and react, how the world around them influences and sometimes predetermines their choices, and who they inevitably become.

Les is the author of young adult novel PrideJust Another Week in Suburbia is his debut adult fiction and was launched at Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2017.


Photo credit: J C Henry, Lime Photography

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“… well-written, well-paced… compelling insight that feel true to life.”

“… a must read… a powerful novel that bristles with intelligence, and black humor… a dark, gritty read that explores the dark side of human nature… an engrossing novel, and one that leaves a lasting impression.”

“Literary integrity personified.”

“…a hugely enjoyable novel which illuminates the extraordinary in the everyday, and the quirky in the quotidian.”

“A book about suburban life by a new Australian writer Les Zig. Les has written this fabulous deliciously naughty book called Just Another Week in Suburbia. It’s about the extraordinary in our ordinary suburban lives… What I really like about this book, it’s not only about the beauty we find in the every day life of our lives in the suburbs but it’s the way he says how well do we really know those we love? How do we all live with all the secrets we keep from each other and ourselves? And he says, nobodies fully honest, not even with themselves.  And he does it with such humour and with such grace with such powers of beauty and observation that I really really enjoyed it…. He does it so well.


And just a shout out for the publishers, they are a local publishing company called Pantera Press who do magnificent philanthropic work and their promotion of Australian writers is just fantastic.”

JAWIS – ABC Radio Review

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