If I Tell You

Alicia Tuckerman

If I Tell You

Alicia Tuckerman

If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman, debut Australian author. The 2018 must-read YA love story.

‘The second our eyes lock in the dark is all the time I need to know that whatever happens next, my life will never be the same.’

Life and love don’t wait until you’re ready, but what if finding yourself means losing everything you’ve ever known?

Seventeen-year-old Alex Summers lives with a secret and the constant fear someone will find out. But when a new family moves to town, they bring with them their teenage daughter Phoenix Stone. When Alex falls for Phoenix, there is no warning. In a small town with small minds, girls don’t go out with other girls, even if they want to.

In fear there is bravery – you can either cling to the edge or have the courage to jump. But what do you do when you’re left spiralling through the freefall?

This is a heart-wrenching story of love in an unloving Australian landscape.

Alicia Tuckerman was raised in rural NSW before she left home at the age of sixteen because she was terrified of what would happen if anyone found out she was a lesbian. Alicia wanted to write If I Tell You because of the lack of representation of LGBTQA+ in the media and arts when she was growing up. If I Tell You is a bittersweet YA love story that explores teen identity, love and loss.

Available as:

  • First Edition
    Published 2018-03-01 ISBN 978-0-646-96125-5

Alicia Tuckerman

Alicia Tuckerman

Alicia Tuckerman

Alicia Tuckerman is a driving force for young LGBT voices within Australia. Author of If I Tell You, Alicia was raised in rural NSW before she left home at the age of sixteen, she accepted a position to study at the Hunter School of Performing Arts.

Described as having an overactive imagination as a child, she recalls writing stories her entire life. Alicia attributes surviving her teenage years to the comfort, release and escape writing offered and she hopes to inspire the next generation of readers and writers to embrace their true passions.

Alicia was inspired to write If I Tell You after finding a lack of YA novels featuring two central lesbian characters. She draws on her life experiences to explore the joys, triumphs and cruelties of modern day adolescence and considers there is no fantasy world she could create that is more terrifyingly beautiful than the one we’re expected to live in.

Alicia is a Law Clerk and now lives in the Swan Valley region of Perth with her wife and two children, where she does most of her writing in the small hours before the kids wake up, or on her daily commute to the office!


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More about the author

“Complex and confronting issues of homophobia and bigotry are navigated delicately in If I Tell You, and at times it can make for an uncomfortable read, but Tuckerman does not shy away… There has been much discussion of the importance of LGBTQI representation in young adult literature, and If I Tell You is one of the finer examples encountered in a while.”

“If I Tell You is a heart-wrenching story of love in an unloving Australian landscape… Being able to pick up a book and see yourself within the pages is an incredibly powerful and important thing.”

“Every now and again, you will come across a piece of fiction that resonates so deeply within you that it will move you to tears. That is exactly what happened to me, as I read If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman… If John Green wrote a lesbian novel, it still could not compare to Tuckerman’s astonishing debut work.”

If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman is a heart-wrenching and beautiful debut about bravery, love and life.”

“Powerful, deeply affecting and yet hopeful, this book celebrates the bravery that it takes to live an authentic life, and explores the struggle often associated with the coming out experience, with a gentle and loving touch.”

“Tuckerman’s depiction of Alex’s conflict and fragile self esteem is authentic and strong.”

“If you were to ask me about the book(s) that pull my heart strings the most, as of now I’d say If I Tell You is one of those books for me.”

If I Tell You is a story full of heart-wrenching hardships, sacrifice, and love.”